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About Us

b_155_0_1978429_00_images_photo_by_ilmars_znotins__55406.jpgHi, I am Elvis Mihailenko.

With the help of my friends I founded my own promotional company Fighter Elvis Promotion in 2008. Through this organization I will help to young guys to reach the highest achievments in the sports. Basically, I am looking for fighting athletes- boxers, wrestlers, but it is not necessary to be the fighter, it can be also any other sport, I used to work with tennis players, hockey players and motocross racers. The most important thing it is to be THE FIGHTER in the persons heart!!!

So, I am training, organizing the training camps, promoting the shows and contests and, which is very important, finding the financial support for the future champions.

Huge thanks to all my friends who are taking the part in all our activities and God bless you all!!!