The helicopter crashed down on March 9 in northwestern Argentina, during the reality show Dropped, organized by French television. 10 people on board, the host, the pilot and the participants, were killed. One of them was the Bronze medalist of 2008 Beijing Olympics in boxing, Alexis Vastine.

The group of French sports stars participating in a reality TV show called Dropped, when helicopter collided in mid-air during filming. On the board were also two more French Olympians, the swimmer Camille Muffat and sailor Florence Arthaud.

Alexis Vastine won the bronze medal in Beijing'2008 at the light-welterweight (64 Kilo) division, in semi-finals losing to the next Gold medalist, Felix Diaz from Dominican Republic. In 2010, Alexis was the runner-up on the European Championships in Moscow, but in 2012 took the part at the London Olympics, where he was illuminated at the quarter-finals. His 21-year-old sister Céline, also a talented amateur boxer, had been killed in a car accident in France just two months before. Alexis Vastine was only 28! R.I.P.

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