On August 25 in Berlin's O2 World Arena two Germans, current and former world champions, will fight each other for the WBO super-middleweight title

It is going to be "the German job" relatively, because both fighters are the Germans only ralatively- the champion Robert Stieglitz comes from Russia, his real name is Sergey Shtikhlits, but the challanger Arthur Abraham was born in Armenia under the name of Avetik Abrahamyan. Also, talking about division's ranking, those two could be called only relatively the world's best ones!

Robert Stieglitz, 31, from Magdeburg, was beaten twice in his previous 44 fights, both times stopped and both times against his toughest opponents so far- the seasoned pro from Colombia Alejandro Berrio in 2007 for the vacant IBF title, and the tall Mexican Librado Andrade in 2008. But later on, by the efforts of his promoter, Mr. Sauerland, Robert finally gets the world title, in 2009 beating by TKO in 11-th Karoly Balzsay of Hungary. Since then Stieglitz has defended his title six times, always unanimously, never against big names. By the way, he refused to box in Super Six Series, which would help to polish up his reputation. So, probably Abraham is going to be Robert's biggest test!

Arthur Abraham, 32, from Berlin, has won and defended 10 times IBF middleweight title before stepped up to super-middle to take a part of Super Six Series competition. He looked quite promissing when knocked Jermain Taylor out in 12, but then came three losses almost in the raw. All three, from Andre Dirrell, Carl Froch and Andre Ward, one sided, which showed that Arthur never faced the real opposition before. But, thanks to Mr. Sauerland again, Abraham has got another chance to become the world champion, and not necessary against the best opponent. So, good luck!

As the experts say, this going to be the Abraham's power fight against the Stieglitz's skills! We'll see....

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