Fighter Elvis Promotion

Hi, I am Elvis Mihailenko. With the help of my friends I founded my own promotional company Fighter Elvis Promotion in 2008. Through this organization I will help to young guys to reach the highest achievments in the sports. Basically, I am looking for fighting athletes- boxers, wrestlers, but it is not necessary to be the fighter, it can be also any other sport, I used to work with tennis players, hockey players and motocross racers. The most important thing it is to be THE FIGHTER in the persons heart!!!

So, I am training, organizing the training camps, promoting the shows and contests and, which is very important, finding the financial support for the future champions.

Huge thanks to all my friends who are taking the part in all our activities and God bless you all!!!


Boxing news

James Toney- 50!!!
Today, on August 24, the one of the most outstanding artists of professional ring, the three weig...
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The First Val Barker Trophy Winner-...
At the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin by the officials of AIBA was made the decision to honoured th...
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The doping-test positive for the Ru...
The last thursday the Sport's Arbitral Committee in Lausanna found guilty in doping use the one o...
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R.I.P. Roman Romanchuk 1979-2016
On September 8, after the heart attack, unexpectedly early passed away 2005 World amateur vice-ch...
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Boxing Top-Prospects Of Rio'2016
The qualification system to the Rio Olympics was as hard as never before. Now, finally, all the s...
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Iron Mike - 50!!!
Today, June 30, in his 50 turns the greatest boxer, one of the brightest heavyweights of all time...
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Our shows

The fight of giants

The firs show of Fighter Elvis Promotion was held in Liepaja Olympic Center, on October 18, 2008.

Interviews with fighters

Felix Savon: 3-time Olympic Champion
Felix Savon is 3-time Olympic champion, 6-time World champion and 14-time Cuban National champion...
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Roy Jones Jr. Answering the Questions
These questions and answers were taken from Q&A with Roy Jones Jrat April, 2013. The great Roy Jo...
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Fedor Emelyanenko- one of the planet's best fighters
This interview was taken in 2011. Despite of this, that Fedor Emelyanenko is, probably, the great...
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Muhammad Ali Famous Quotes
The greatest boxer ever, the brightest Sport-Star and, probably, the person in general of 20-th C...
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Our fighters

Ralfs Vilcans

Ralfsis one of the best young fighters in Latvia and Baltic states. He has just turned into the senior class.

Vahram Vardanyan

Vahram has settled down in Latvia now for almost 10 years. While being a teenager, Vahram got attracted by martial arts, practicing karate and kickboxing, but finally his choice focused on the traditional boxing.

Gatis Skuja

Gatis is the former Latvian cadet champion and the member of the national team. In 2005 traveling to England, Gatis turned pro.

Oleg Fedotov

Oleg is one of the most experienced Latvians on the professional ring today.

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