Ernesto Hoost of The Netherlands, one of the greatest kickboxers of all times, 4 time K-1 champion of the world.

Mr. Hoost, or Mr. Perfect, was very kind to give us this interview in Liepaja, on October 18, 2008, when he visited our show "The Battle of Giants" with one of his best fighters.

Ernesto, who was your coach?
E.H. Ton Vriend from Soliudo Gym. He was my coach during all my carrier.

And who you could call as your best friend amongst K-1 fighters?
E.H. As a real friend- no one! I think I had only business relations with the fighters on the ring, but my good mate is Ray Sefo.

Who was the most awkward opponent for you on the ring?
E.H. Sam Greco. You never know what and where from this guy will blow out.

Your biggest disappointment on K-1?
E.H. Loss to Bob Sapp. I can't even explain how its happen. Also loss to Remy Bonjasky in 2004. I am sure I won that fight and if the judges would give the decision to me, now I would 5 times world champion.

How do you prepare for the fight on the fight night?
E.H. I became self-contained, tried to calm myself down, but all the time kept to rewind the fight in my mind.

In which country you are the most famous today, Holland, or Japan?
E.H. I am very popular in Japan, but also home, in Holland, people knows me.

Did you train only in Holland, or you travelled to the camps somewhere else?
E.H. No, I always trained only home in Holland, and I really think that the best fighters of the world are coming out of Holland. I never had a problems with the sparring-partners, because I always very carefully planned my training process and could spar not only with the heavyweights, but with the middleweights, too.

What was your favorite technics on the K-1? Punching, or kicking?
E.H. Specially nothing. I just always tried to do right moves at the right time and I tried to use everything what is allowed in K-1.

Are you feel fully satisfied with your achievements during your carrier?
E.H. Not really, because I lost my last fight to Semmy Shilt, otherwise I could be 5 time world champion.

Do you have a big family?
E.H. I have a wife and three kids- 2 sons and daughter. The boys are playing tennis and football, girl goes to handball.

Would you like your sons will choose to go in your steps?
E.H. If they will like to make this decision I won't argue, I am sure they could achieve not less that I did, but also I will never insist on that.

After your retiring from the ring, do you still be related to K-1 in some other way?
E.H. Yes, I am commentating K-1 to the English-speaking regions.

Do you have some of your students who are fighting on K-1 and could bacome the world champion?
E.H. Paul Slowinski. I am sure he is good prospect and has good chances.

Have you been in Latvia before?
E.H. No, I am here for first time and I see many nice people around.

What do you expect from tonight's show?
E.H. Exellent fights, of course!

What would you wish to fighters tonight?
E.H. Good fights which will please the crowd, because the crowd is the reason why are we fighting, to make the crowd to come back on our shows again and again.

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