This interview was taken in 2011. Despite of this, that Fedor Emelyanenko is, probably, the greatest MMA fighter ever, this conversation happen after Fedor's three straight losses.

Q. You have losses in your last three fights. What is the reason of these failures? Is it in the preparation process, or maybe, it is some psychological problems?

F.E. I don't think that the preparation wasn't good enough, or something wasn't done well. For every single fight we prepared like for the last one and I was ready to win. During the fights were the moments I felt like, "look this is the victory..", but in some sadden ways it just slipped away of me. I am taking it as the God's will, I guess it should happen, I guess I needed that.

Q. After your last fight against Dan Henderson were a lot spoken, and, actually still, about the referee's decision. Don't you think that the fight was stopped too early?

F.E. I think that the fight was stopped little too early, but I am not going to blame the referee, because how many times we know, when the fighters are badly injured, because of the referee's late interruption. Even if the referee made a mistake, I am sure, he done it without a purpose.

Q. Would you like the rematch?

F.E. Rematch? I want to fight....(laughs)

Q. So, it means that you are ready to continue your fighting?

F.E. You know, right now my head is full with something else. We have an addition in my family, now, thanks to God, some things are settled down and I can breathe little more freely again.

Q. How does your near and dear ones support to you? I guess they worry a lot!?

F.E. They worry, but support. No one is going to despond or give up, nobody says,"That's enough, quit it and go away..!" I don't read the internet blogs, all those silly charts, but I meet strange people on the street and they support me too, begging me not to quit.

Q. Did you think about what you are going to do after your carrier?

F.E. I think I will still fighting for a while. But also, I will help to young fighters, using my knowledge and experience. I want to be useful for my country and my people.

Q. Came up the information that Dana White and his Strike Force company discharged you. Exactly, at this statement! Do you think the statements like this are well-stated and regardful?

F.E. Well, this is really in Dana White's style! Be honest, I never had a contract with Strike Force. I had and still have a contract with Showtime. So, this statement is too pompouse and mustn't to be taken seriously.

Q. How do you prepare for the fights psychologically and emotionally? What advice can you give to the young fighters?

F.E. I always recommend to young fighters not to think about the fight! Think about whatever else, just not about the fight! Driving the thoughts in the head makes you burn down inside yourself. What concerning myself? I pray, do speak with my friends, playing chess, reading...

Q. What are you dreaming about right now? Do you have some unrealized dreams?

F.E. I have some wishes, but these are not dreams. I wish to finish building the house and move in there with my family.



The source was taken from the TV project "The Week of Sport" on TV Channel Rossia 2

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