Felix Savon is 3-time Olympic champion, 6-time World champion and 14-time Cuban National champion. He is the heavyweight and one of the greatest amateur boxers on the planet ever!

Q. Tell us, what you're doing now in your carrier?

F.S. One of the things I am doing now is developing Cuban boxing and looking for replacement for Teofilo Stevenson and Felix Savon. I am rescuing the values, talking with the young sportsmans, and also I am making the movie about my life story, called "Felix Savon And His Story".

Q. Besides being an exellent boxer you are also the painter. How do you started to paint?

F.S. When I retired from boxing I felt little frustrated, because I am not used to be sitting around. I looked on my boxing day's photos and I've got really nostalgic. I put the shoe polish on one of the photos where I appeared with my family, I entitled it The Humble. The collage was made unintentionally and once when the frame broke I took it to fix up, and when some people saw it, they said that I've got the gift for painting. I am painting what I had go through during my sport's life, for example: I paint the injuries and scars what I've got on my body, my face, myself having look inside my body.

Q. You have been 6-time world champion. I guess you faced the rivals, who has caused you fear. Who has been the worst one?

F.S. I felt the tense before the all my competitions, because I was affraid to lose. But once I've threw the first punch, then I gained the confidence.

Q. Who was your psychologist to help you face these fears?

F.S. The best psychologist, not only for Felix Savon, but for the all rest of the world is the Commander and Chief, Senor Fidel Castro. Always, when we had to go to Olympics, or any other big tournaments, he said good bye and always chatted with us and filled us with feeling of patriotism.

Q. There is something what you used to say, before getting into the ring and being affraid?

F.S. Ok, that was my routine when I felt tense, I thought, "If I am like this, then the other one must be scared, because I am the champion, so go and get it..."

Q. You have been three time Olympic champion, and one of your sons also has chosen to go your footsteps. Are you training him?

F.S. No, I am not his coach, but I always helping him to prepare using my experience, we are watching my fights and analising what was right and what's wrong, but sometimes yougsters doesn't want anyone to help them. I think that the boy of 15 can not have a nightlife, frequent parties and too much fun. He has to be conscious and self-sacrificing as the real athlete.

Q. That is the secret to become the great champion like Felix Savon?

F.S. That is the part of the secret...

Q. What is another part then?

F.S. The other one can not to be told to the world!

Q. Felix, what Cuba means to you?

F.S. Cuba is the heart where from I was born, Cuba is my own heart. Cuba is everything for me, because without Cuba I wouldn't have been born. And if here weren't been Cuba and its Revolution, the world wouldn't know me and wouldn't interviewing me now

Q. Felix, does champions cry?

F.S. Yes, they do, but they do cry inside themselves.


The source: Cuba-Style

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