This great interview with former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world was taken in April, 2012 in Vegas. Mike is discussing everything from Robin Givens to his love on MMA and today's best fighters.

Q. Mike, a lot of people remember the documentary "Tyson". And that was during the darker period of your life. This is not going to be that kind of show, is it?

M.T. No, no, this is gonna be a pretty light and pretty glorious, hopefully, everyone will enjoy the staff. A lot of people who will come to this, probably, will be in my age bracket and they will see from that perspective, actually, to talking to me one on one, personally.

Q. You have a great science of humor. Do you think people realize that, or do you think people be surprised by your ability to tell stories?

M.T. I don't know. We did Street Kings commercial with 50 cent, and afterwords people asked him about me "How was to be around him? Was he ok? Was he creepy? Maybe, he was going on your leg and trying to eat you? Was everything cool there, was it safe?" He said "No, he is awesome, he is cool, he is character." And he told me "You have to see these people, meet with them. Because, they only familiar to see you when you've got your war face on, and you're real arrogant and mean, and that what they see, that what you left. But things are coming around, and they see you doing The Hangover and you met Herman Cain, and the president speech."  And for everyone I am just giving the different perspective, and I am grateful to hear that.

Q. The Hangover really to relaunched you to the public. Did you enjoy the renascence period since then? Did that come as shock to you, that that cameo role could turned into kind a life changing to you?

M.T. Man, I had no idea, that Todd Phillips is so crazy, and he kept telling me "This is gonna to be hot picture and after this movie you gonna be hot.." And I was still like withdrawing, little a bit, and I said "Man, this movie is gonna stink!" And after this movie I eat in the restaurant in NY or LA and when we came out of the restaurant, I felt really bust up, and then all these people came around, asking "Hey, champion give me autograph...", and that was after a real damned period of my life, when people were scared to shoot me across the street, they run to shoot me three blocks away...and..I'm just happy...

Q. What's about Robin Givens? Everyone wants to know about Robin Givens. Was your relationship as turbulent as a period to be on the NY City tabloids, or maybe, were you guys getting hooked up together, when everybody thought you are going to nail and arguing?

M.T. We used to argue and fight, this is that what people use to do, when they are divorcing, especially when they're young. They fight, but after we finish to fight, we fuck! And maybe it was going little too long in the shit it been, but I was just too young, she was only my fifth or sixth girl-friend by that time, before I've got married. I don't know, I was stupid.

You know, while the divorce, my ex-wife was still pretty into me and one morning I came back from the gym and I saw that big car is coming, and I saw they comes out and that beautiful guy comes out, and she was like "Hey, Mike..". And I was kind of sad and she comes out with Brad Pitt, and he looks better than she does. And he comes and says "Hi..!"

Q. What was his reaction when he saw you, was he petrified?

M.T. He was like "Hi, dude..", he was cool. They made it, like this guy was scared and got behind her, in fact she was scared, and Robin said "He was scared, he was shit scared...", but it wasn't true.

Q. Let's talk about Don King. Are you gonna mention him in your act?

M.T. Don is part of my life, he is my brother, he knows that has to be mentioned. Everything I am gonna to say, it's gonna be the truth.

Q. It is interesting to watch you walking around the gym, you hit the speed-bag little a bit, and hit the heavy bag little a bit. Do you even think about getting into boxing ring again?

M.T. Not to fight anybody. No way! I see on the greatest fighters to does that, some succeeded, some failed, but I don't want to take the chance, I don't want it like I used to. If you hasn't got that desire, that will, you start to hesitate, if you start to hesitate, you start to make mistakes and you get hurt.

Q. When you think about comebacks and bad comebacks is there one fighter that comes on your mind and you think "Well, is just a bad mistake.."?

M.T. I remember the Ali fight against Holmes, and also against Spincs, that was on TV then. I didn't like the Holmes fight, that was really bad for Ali, and against Berbick, that was really bad, too.

When I was first started to boxing I didn't know who I was like. I couldn't be like Ali, or Sugar Ray Leonard, I was brut. And when I looked on Duran, I saw my talk, my grabs and scratches. He was talking crazy, and I said "This is who I like right here". And in 1980's we became the friends with Duran, he was a maniac, and I was so happy to be around him. That was the turning point in my life, when a young man trying to find himself in the world.

Q. Mike, what's happen with other great heavyweights? You've got an excitement into the division, certainly in the 60's, in 70's, in 80's there was tremendous fighters. Where are they?

M.T. They don't want to fight anymore, and that's why you see so often that the one guy compare to another is so much better and looks superior. They just don't want to do that no more. That just what it is.

Q. Are you MMA fan?

M.T. Big time! Course, in boxing, really, the guy got his hands better, his movements better, he has courage, he is better than you, you got a second money. In MMA, the guy can box, he can punch, you grab him, you put him down, you can choke him.... You got so many other angles to winning.

Q. If you were younger, would you ever consider going into MMA

M.T. 100%! I think I just stood in the art of fighting and I feel very exciting about MMA.

Q. But can boxing restore its past glory?

M.T. It's down now. If you take the guys 154 pounds, or 147 pounds its awesome, but if go to the heavyweight, then all boxing game is a rap. Because, it is what the people like to see, when two guys stand each other, punch and get the guy knocked out, but its gonna take a while...

Q. Goes in cycles, doesn't it?

M.T. Every 10-15 years, sometimes..

Q. Yeah, but we were wait no longer times!?

M.T. Yeah, it feel longer...

Q. Who is your favorite fighter today, P4P? Who for you would pay to go to watch?

M.T. It depends who is fighting who.

Q. Do you think Mayweather will ever fight Pacquiao? And if they'll fight, who wins?

M.T. I don't think they'll gonna fight. How did I said, they don't want to.

Q. But isn't boxing about making money, too? Don't they figure out how to wacked up a hundred million dollars?

M.T. The fighting nowadays is about keeping yourself clean and out of lose, and out of risk of losing. We won, we can fight again, we fight again.... who cares if we lose!? I really miss the fighting, but I am just not there anymore. Man, will you want to see two great fighters at the top of their carrier and they really want to win? Well, it's some awesome thing...



The source taken from USAToday

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