From November 29 till December 8, in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan, went on The 17-th Youth World Championships, which collected this time 386 boxers from 68 countries. Look at the fool medal list and read the short comments about it.

minimum-weight (49 Kilo)

1. LU Bin (China)

2. Murodjon AKHMADALIEV (Uzbekistan)

3. Lalitha POLIPALLI (India)

3. Jade BORNEA (The Philippines)

How could we see during the last years for the sake of boxing popularization in China, the AIBA's judges are very gentle to the boxers of this country. Of course, Lu Bin is very experienced and masterful fighter, but in the final bout against Uzbek Akhmadaliev he didn't look better than his opponent.

flyweight (52 Kilo)

1. Oliver SIMPSON (England)

2. Jeyvier CINTRON (Puerto-Rico)

3. Kurt WALKER (Ireland)

3. Jorge CORDERO (Cuba)

The vice-champion of the London Olympics, 17-years-old Puerto-Rican, Cintron, was taken as the favorite of this tournament, and he really proved it in the every preliminary bout. But in the final, the young Englishman Simpson was just too determined and motivated, he grabbed the victory in the last three minutes.

bantamweight (56 Kilo)

1. Alexeis GUIBERT (Cuba)

2. Magomedrashid DZHABRAILOV (Russia)

3. Freddy ORTIZ (Puerto-Rico)

3. Omar EL-HAG (Germany)

The Cuban, Guibert, went very confidently through the all tournament, and the fact that the Russian Dzhabrailov had one fight less, so he should be fresher at the end, couldn't not prevent Guibert had another clear win.

lightweight (60 Kilo)

1. Khusein BAYSANGUROV (Russia)

2. Raul CURIEL (Mexico)

3. Sofiane OUMIHA (France)

3. Luis TORRES (Venezuela)

The Russian Baysangurov had very confident wins in each preliminary fight. But in the semi-finals could feel the tiredness in the moves of young Chechen fighter. At the final Khusein clearly lost the second half of the fight to the Mexican Curiel, but the referee raise up his hand anyway. But, have to say, that this young man is very respectful foot-stepper to his cousin's, current pro-world champion, Zaurbek Baysangurov glory.

light-welterweight (64 Kilo)

1. Kevin BROWN (Cuba)

2. Lester MARTINEZ (Guatemala)

3. Joshua KELLY (England)

3. Parviz BAGHIROV (Azerbaijan)

Kevin Brown was named as The Best Fighter of the Tournament, but in fact not in the semi-final against The Englishman Kelly, nor against The Guatemalian Martinez in the final, he didn't demonstrate the best performance. But Lester Martinez really could be called the best ever fighter from Guatemala, because no fighter of this country ever before reached such a high result on the amateur ring.

welterweight (69 Kilo)

1. Akmazbek KOSIMOV (Uzbekistan)

2. Artyom SOLOVYOV (Ukraine)

3. ZHANG Zhidi (China)

3. Osman AYDIN (Turkey)

No doubt, The Uzbek Kosimov deserved this title! In the every next fight he won with the great confidence.

middleweight (75 Kilo)

1. Alexander KHYZHNIAK (Ukraine)

2. Magomed MADIEV (Russia)

3. Daulet BAIGABATOV (Kazakhstan)

3. SANDEEP (India)

Also, The Ukrainian Khyzhniak can be called the world's best youth middleweight. As the evidence to this was his brilliant win over the experienced Russian, Madiev, in the final.

light-heavyweight (81 Kilo)

1. Nikol ARUTYUNOV (Armenia)

2. Scott FORREST (Scotland)

3. Idris SHAKHMANOV (Russia)

3. Alexander DOKVADZE (Georgia)

The only Gold for the home-fighters brought light-heavy Arutyunov. His toughest fight, probably, was against The Russian Shakhmanov at the semi-finals.

heavyweight (91 Kilo)

1. Andrei STOTSKIY (Russia)

2. Pawel WIERZBICKI (Poland)

3. Jai Tapu OPETAIA (Australia)

3. Daniel WILLIAMS (England)

In the opinion of many boxing experts, The Russian Stotskiy should be the one, who deserves the award for the Championships Outstanding Fighter. After the wins over last year's champion, Uzbek Sharipov and this year's Olympian, Aussie Opetaia, the final fight for Andrei was like the walk in the park.

super-heavyweight (over 91 Kilo)

1. Hughie FURY (England)

2. NARENDER (India)

3. Narek MELKONYAN (Armenia)

3. Florian SCHULZ (Germany)

As usual, at super-heavy was the lowest and the poorest concurrence. The two top-guys of the division, The Russian Ivan Kabatov and The Cuban Yohandi Toirac, both were robbed ruthless at the quarters, so it should make easier the way to the gold to home-fighter Melkonyan. But he was too slow and inactive, and lost the semi-final bout to the defending and running Englishman, Hughie Fury.


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