Saturday, August 25, Armenian-born German Arthur "King" Abraham beats by points Russian-born German Robert Stieglitz and takes his WBO super-middleweight belt

The last night in Berlin's O2 World Arena Arthur Abraham boxed in very unusual manner for him. As was expected that Abraham should put the pressure on the champion Stieglitz, but "King" Arthur boxed very slicky and clever and provoked Stieglitz to come forward, but then outscored him at his own attacks. In almost every round Abraham was very defensive for the first two minutes, but at the last one went to the rally and was faster, stronger and more accurate than the champion. In the last round Stieglitz felt that there is nothing more to lose and went to the war looking for the one big punch, but it was too late already. After the fight ex-champion's face was  as the bloody mess, both eyes were badly swelling. The scores went to 116:112 twice and 115:113 once and now Arthur Abraham became also the super-middleweight champion of the world with the record of 35 (27 KO)-3, Robert Stieglitz's record after the 6 succesful defences and the last night's loss is 42 (23 KO)-3 (2 KO).

Well, maybe it's time for Arthur to defend his new title against one of his previous offenders!?

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