September 8. The super-fight at super-middle in California and another parody on boxing, in full meaning of this word, for the heavyweight crown in Moscow

Oakland, California. WBA and WBC super-middleweight bout between the two current champions- the belts holder Andre Ward, 28, and light-heavyweight king, Chad Dawson, 30. The first two rounds went very even. In the middle of the 3-rd Ward catched Dawson with fast left hook, Chad went down and amazingly how he could manage to still stand on his feet until the bell. In the forth Dawson keeps hold his right sholder law, all Ward's combinations ends with the left hook and 30 seconds till the bell another left cought Dawson's chin, he is down again. Since this moment looked like Andre never before been such an agressor, but Chad understands, that his phisical condition on the moment will not let him turn the fight into the diferent cells-the round after the round goes to Ward. In the 10-th the big right sends Dawson to the canvas for third time, on the referee's Steve Smoger's question, "Do you want me to stop the fight?", Chad answers, "Yes..". This win makes Andre Ward as one of the best super-middles ever, he now is 26(14 KO)-0. Chad Dawson will face very serious qustion to himself- what to do next?, he has 31(17 KO)-2(1 KO).

Only 45 seconds were needed to WBC lightweight champion, Mexican Antonio DeMarco, 26, to defend his title. After the big right he jumps on John Molina, 29, and continue fast and hard hitting until the referee stops the contest. DeMarco now, 28(21 KO)-2(1 KO)-1, Molina- 24(19 KO)-2(1 KO).

Moscow. The heawyweight WBC title bout. The opponent was found as usual- not strong hitting, slowly moving and not motivated. It's still a secret, were it Lebanese-born German Manuel Charr's, 27, tactics, to take his time, or he gave the fight up since the beginning!? In the first he doesn't throw a single punch, in the second he got down from the unclear punch, the third was very like first one, in the forth round Klitschko just tried one left hook, and Charr's eyebrow was cut and bled badly...that was it!! This was Charr's first defeat in 22 fights, Vitali Klitschko, 41, defended his belt, he has now 45(41 KO)-2(2 KO). It's hard to tell for how long more will this "K-2 burlesque" go on, but heavyweight division becomes definetely more boring with every fight! 

In Newark, NJ, former WBC light-heavy and IBF cruiserweight champion, Pole Tomasz Adamek defended his IBF North American heavyweight title, by TKO in 5-th round stopping American Travis Walker, 33. Adamek now, 47(29 KO)-2(1 KO), Walker, 39(31 KO)-8(6 KO)-1.

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