Today, on September 7, their Birthday celebrates number of great fighters, but two of them has to be mentioned especially.

Sugar Shane Mosley was born in 1971 in Lynwood, California. Started to box under the guidance of his father Jack Mosley, who has never been a great fighter himself and never had a single fight on the pro-ring, but became a very successful and recognizable as a coach. Later on Shane worked with the different other the best coaches, but his dad, always since day one, still his manager. As amateur Shane was 3-time U.S. national champion, 1989 World Junior Championships silver medalist and got a bronze medal on 1990 Goodwill Games in Seattle, at lightweight. As a pro Mosley has a record of 46 (39 KO)-8-1, he has never been stopped or knocked out. Shane has been WBA, WBC and IBF champion of the world in three different weight divisions- light, welter and light-middle, with the 14 successful defenses. Mosley has fought all the best fighters. Shane Mosley is considered as one of the best boxers in light and welterweight divisions of all time, his distinctiveness is the speed and awkwardness to his opponents. His last fight was in May, 2012, when he lost by the decision to the young Mexican star, Saul Alvarez for the WBC light-middleweight title. Today Sugar Shane Mosley is 42!

Donald Curry, or Donald Sample at the real name, was born in 1961, in Fort Worth,Texas. Curry, as member of U.S. National squad, qualified to 1980 Olympics in Moscow, but because of boycott, never took part of the Games. As a pro, Donald was two-time WBA, WBC and IBF welter and light-middleweight champion, having seven successful defenses behind him. Curry has fought against number of the best fighters of his era. His final record is 34(25 KO)-6(5 KO). On this year's September 7, Donald Curry becomes 52-years-old!

One of the most notable K-1 kickboxers, Andy Hug, was born in 1964, in Sursee, Switzerland. Hug was karate practician and more than ten years has participated in all the most recognizable tournaments. Andy won the World Cup in 1992 and was recognized and respected in the most famous dojo in Japan, where he earned the nickname The Iron Man. Later on, fighting out in kickboxing, Hug took the part of newly founded K-1 Grand Prix tournaments and became the champion of the world in 1996, at the final bout knocking out Mike Bernardo from South Africa. Two more times Hug was the runner-up; in 1997 he lost to the famous Dutch, Ernesto Hoost, but in 1998 to Pieter Aerts, also from The Netherlands. At August 2000, Andy was diagnosed with leukemia, only one week later Andy unexpectedly died... The Iron Man was just two weeks short to his 35-th Birthday! Andy Hug is recognized as one of the greatest karateka and one of the pioneers of K-1. This year Andy would celebrate his 49-th Birthday!

Andre Dirrell was born in 1983 in Flint, Michigan. He and his older brother Anthony are trained by their grandfather Leon Lawson. As amateur Andre had more than 200 wins, he was twice U.S. national champion and won the bronze medal on 2004 Olympics in Athens at the middleweight (75 Kilo), in the semi-finals losing to amateur world and future professional world champion Gennady Golovkin of Kazakhstan. As a pro Dirrell had 18 straight wins before he lost on points during his first WBC title shot against The Englishman, Carl Froch, by the split decision, which, by the way, was very questionable. The fight was during the Super Six Series. In his next fight against The German Arthur Abraham, Dirrell beat him clearly for 10 rounds, before in the 11-th Andre slipped down on the wet canvas and Abraham hit him after the referee stopped the fight. Dirrell won by the disqualification of Abraham, but it took him out for 18 month. Now, Andre Dirrell is back and looking for the new fights and titles and today is his 30-th Anniversary! 

The one more Olympian and world champion, Andre Berto, was born in 1983, in Miami, Florida. Berto was 2003 World Championships bronze medalist in Bangkok for the U.S. Team and almost has qualified to 2004 Athens Olympics, but unfortunately was disqualified at the final stage of the qualifiers. Anyway, Andre's parents were the immigrants from Haiti, so Berto took the citizenship of this country and went to the Olympics representing Haiti. As a pro, Berto earned the ring name The Beast, because of his natural physical power and aggressive fighting style. Twice Berto became WBC and IBF welterweight champion of the world. He still active with the record of 28(22 KO)-3(1 KO). On September 7, Andre Berto has also his 30-th Anniversary!

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