The qualification system to the Rio Olympics was as hard as never before. Now, finally, all the stages are completed and all 286 boxers (250 men and 36 women), who will take part at 2016 Rio-de-Janeiro Olympic boxing tournament, became known. Who could be the top-guys at each weight division?



Joahnys ARGILAGOS (CUBA)- 19-years-old 2015 World Champion.

Vasili YEGOROV (RUSSIA)- 24-years-old 2015 European Champion and World vice-champion.

Birzhan ZHAKIPOV (KAZAKHSTAN)- 32-years-old 2013 World Champion.

Joselito VELASQUEZ (MEXICO)- 2015 Panamerican Champion.

Khasanboy DUSMATOV (UZBEKISTAN)- 2015 Asian Champion.

LU Bin (CHINA)- 22-years-old 2012 Youth World Champion and 2015 Asia Championships medallist.


Misha Aloyan

Misha ALOYAN (RUSSIA)- 27-year-old 2008 World Cup winner, 2010 European Champion, 2011 and 2013 World Champion, and 2012 London Olympics bronze medallist.

Elvin MAMISHZADE (AZERBAIJAN)- 24-years-old 2015 World Champion.

Yosvany VEITIA (CUBA)- 24-year-old London Olympics participant and 2015 world vice-champion.

Jeyvier CINTRON (PUERTO RICO)- 21-year-old 2012 Olympics quarter-finalist and Youth World vice-champion at the same year.


Michael CONLAN (IRELAND)- 24-year-old 2015 European and World Champion. 2012

Michael Conlan
Olympics bronze medallist at flyweight.

Murodjon AKHMADALIEV (UZBEKISTAN)- 22-year-old 2015 World vice-champion.

Javid CHELEBIYEV (AZERBAIJAN)- 24-year-old 2013 World Champion.

Robeisy RAMIREZ (CUBA)- 22-year-old 2012 Olympic flyweight Champion.


Lazaro Alvarez
Lazaro ALVAREZ (CUBA)- 25-year-old triple World Champion and 2012 Olympic bronze medallist at bantamweight.

Albert SELIMOV (AZERBAIJAN)- 30-year-old, Dagestani-born, Selimov, before presenting Russia, two-time European and 2007 World feather and lightweight Champion. Representing Azerbaijan, 2015 world vice-champion.

Robson CONSEICAO (BRAZIL)- 27-year-old medallist of the 2013 and 2015 World Championships.

Amnat RUANRUENG (THAILAND)- 36-year-old 2008 Beijing Olympics participant and the former IBF flyweight Champion with the five consecutive defences behind him.


Vitali DUNAYTSEV (RUSSIA)- 24-year-old 2015 European and World Champion

Vitali Dunaytsev

Artur BIYARSLANOV (CANADA)- 21-year-old, Chechen-born, 2015 Panamerican Games winner.

Yasniel TOLEDO (CUBA)- 26-year-old 2011 Panamerican Games winner and 2012 Olympics bronze medallist at lightweight. 2011 2013 world vice-champion.

Faizliddin GAIBNAZAROV (UZBEKISTAN)- 25-year-old 2015 World and Asia vice-champion.

Wuttichai MASUK (THAILAND)- 26-year-old winner of the 2014 Asian Games and 2015 World Championships bronze medallist.


Daniyar Yeleussinov
Daniyar YELEUSSINOV (KAZAKHSTAN)- 25-year-old two-time Asian Champion, 2013 World Champion and 2015 world vice-champion.

Mohammad RABII (MAROCO)- 2015 World Champion.

Roniel IGLESIAS (CUBA)- 28-year-old 2008 Olympics bronze medallist, 2009 Panamerican Games winner, 2011 World and 2012 Olympic Champion at the light-welterweight.

Eimantas STANYONIS (LITHUANIA)- 22-year-old 2015 European Champion.


Arlen LOPEZ (CUBA)- 23-year-old 2015 Panamerican Games winner and World Champion.

Zhanibek ALIMKHANULY (KAZAKHSTAN)- 23-year-old 2013 Asian and World Champion.

Artem CHEBOTAREV (RUSSIA)- 27-year-old 2010 European Champion and 2013 World Championships bronze medallist.

Bektemir MELIKUZIYEV (UZBEKISTAN)- 20-year-old 2015 Asian Champion and World vice-champion.


Julio Cesar LA CRUZ (CUBA)- 27-year-old 2011 and 2015 Panamerican Games winner, and 2011, 2013 and 2015 World

Julio Cesar La Cruz

Joe WARD (IRELAND)- 22-year-old, two time, 2011 and 2015 European Champion, and 2015 World vice-champion.

Adilbek NIYAZYMBETOV (KAZAKHSTAN)- 27-year-old 2012 Olympic vice-champion, 2011 and 2013 World vice-champion, and 2015 Asian Champion.

Elshod RASULOV (UZBEKISTAN)- 30-year-old 2007 Asian Champion, 2006 and 2010 Asian Games winner, and multiple World Championships medallist.

Pyotr KHAMUKOV (RUSSIA)- 25-year-old 2015 European Champion.

Hassan N'DAM N'JIKAM (CAMEROON)- 32-year-old 2004 Athens Olympics participant and former WBA and WBO middleweight interim champion. Has a professional record of 33-2.


Eugeny TISHCHENKO (RUSSIA)- 25-year-old 2013 World vice-champion and 2015 European and World Champion.

Eugeny Tishchenko

Erislandy SAVON (CUBA)- 26-year-old 2015 Panamerican Games winner and World vice-champion. The nephew of legendary triple Olympic Champion, Felix Savon.

Vasili LEVIT (KAZAKHSTAN)- 28-year-old 2009 Asia Champion.

Clemente RUSSO (ITALY)- 33-year-old twice World Champion, at 2007 and 2013, and twice Olympic vice-champion, at 2008 and 2012.

Julio CASTILLO (EQUADOR)- 28-year-old Champion of South America and the participant of 2012 London Olympics.


Magomedrasul MADZHIDOV (AZERBAIJAN)- 29-year-old, Dagestani-born representing

Magomedrasul Madzhidov
Azerbaijan. 2013 European Champion, 2011 and 2013 World Champion, and 2012 Olympic bronze medallist.

Tony YOKA (FRANCE)- 24-year-old 2010 Youth World Champion and 2015 Amateur World Champion.

Lenier PERO (CUBA)- 23-year-old 2011 Panamerican Games winner at the heavyweight (91 Kilo).

Filip HRGOVIC (CROATIA)- 24-year-old 2015 European Champion.

Ivan DYCHKO (KAZAKHSTAN)- 26-year-old 2012 Olympics bronze medallist, 2013 Asia Champion, 2014 Asian Games winner, 2013 and 2015 world vice-champion.





Ren Cancan

REN Cancan (CHINA)- 30-year-old triple World Champion, at 2008, 2010 and 2012. Olympic vice-champion at 2012.

Nicola ADAMS (GREAT BRITAIN)- 33-year-old 2011 European Champion, 2012 Olympic Champion and 2016 World Champion.

Mandy BUJOLD (CANADA)- 29-year-old 2011 and 2015 Panamerican Games winner.


Katie TAYLOR (IRELAND)- 30-year-old, the most awarded female boxer in the world.

Katie Taylor
European triple Champion, five times World Champion and 2012 Olympic Champion.

Estelle MOSSELLY (FRANCE)- 2016 World Champion. At the finals has beat Taylor.

Adriana ARAUJO (BRAZIL)- 34-year-old 2012 Olympic bronze medallist.


Claressa SHIELDS (USA)- 21-year-old winner of the every possible highest rank tournament will try to reach hers second Olympic Gold. 2012 Olympic Champion, 2015 Panamerican Games winner and 2014 and 2016 World Champion.

Claressa Shields

Savannah MARSHALL (GREAT BRITAIN)- 25-year-old 2012 World Champion.

Nouchka FONTIJN (THE NETHERLANDS)- 28-year-old 2014 European Champion and 2016 World vice-champion.

Anna LAURELL (SWEDEN)- 36-year-old triple European and twice World Champion. The participant of the London Olympics in 2012.

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