On October 12, in Las Vegas, will clash two fighters, who are occupying the top positions in P4P ratings. The American Timothy Bradley will try to defend his WBO welterweight belt against Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico.

The both opponents are the last ones, who beat Manny Pacquiao. But we have to admit that Bradley's, 30, the two latest wins, against already mentioned Pacquiao and The Russian Ruslan Provodnikov, were quite questionable. In his turn, 40-years-old Marquez shook the world with the tremendous KO punch over Pacman. Be honest, I have an opinion that as older Marquez gets, as better and more dangerous he is! So, what should we expect of the fight of these true gladiators!?

PREDICTION: As we could see before, Bradley doesn't feel really comfortable, when the opponents are stand and fight him toe-to-toe. I think that Timothy has to lean on his ability to spin power punching combinations and try to catch Marquez with the big one, but then explode in combination again. Well, but again, Pacquiao couldn't to finish Marquez at the same conditions. Marquez himself will seat on Bradley since the first bell until the last round and possibly will try to catch him somewhere, somehow! The success of both is hiding into the ability of concentration of each of them. Anyway, I am sure that we'll see the real battle of two high-class warriors. I would put 60/40 to Marquez!

On the same bill in his pro-debut will fight two-time Olympic Champion, Vassili Lomachenko of Ukraine. On the ring against him will step the seasoned Mexican, Jose Ramirez, who already has 29 pro-fights behind him!

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