On the night of April 12 to 13, at the famous Las Vegas' MGM Grand, will take place the one of the most notable fights of year 2014. One of the world's biggest boxing promoters, Bob Arum and his Top Rank, is making the WBO welterweight world championship between the current titleholder, The American Timothy Bradley and the contender, Manny Pacquiao of Philippines. This is going to be their rematch after almost two years!

All the boxing fans has still remember the first meeting of these two champions at June of 2012. Then the Bradley's hand was raised up by the split decision. That, no doubt, was the sensation! Many observers has thought that the decision was wrong and still criticize that till this day. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since and both fighters had their ups and downs.

Bradley, 30, in his the very next fight against The Russian, Ruslan Provodnikov, has got, mildly speaking, the very hard days. He was, actually, saved by the referee Pat Russell, who didn't count the legal knockdown to Bradley, which, in this case, would take another point off of the champion and then it would be enough for Provodnikov to win. By the way, Russell since then hasn't been seen judging the biggest fights. But at the last October, Timothy, in very classy style, had the win over Pacquiao's the biggest rival, The Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez, which also was quite unexpected.

In his turn, Pacquiao, 35, already in 2012, was knocked flatting out by Marquez, in the fight which many thought was already won by Manny. The number of observers thought that Pacman's days on the ring are counted. But in November, 2013, Manny came back with the one-sided victory over the dangerous puncher, Brendan Rios. With this win Manny made the boxing world to count on him again.

THE PREDICTION: I think that in this fight, as often happens in boxing, the main role will play the psychological condition of both fighters. Bradley is full of confidence after the brilliant victory over Marquez, but, probably, he has the pressure feeling that this time he has to prove that the last time's decision was fair, which, I thought, he wasn't sure about himself. In Pacquiao's case, a lot depends on how he has got back from loss to Marquez and will he take the initiative over Bradley. In all other matters, I'm sure, we will see the common high class boxing of these two great fighters- the speed, the power and the highest concentration of Pacman, and the unpredictability, the unexpected change of tempo and the ability of survive at the most critical stages from Bradley. I think that Manny can finish the fight with the knockout at the any stage. If Bradley wins, then on points. In case of the split decision I don't think that this time it will go again to Bradley. Because, if Pacquiao wins, then there is a big possibility of third, even bigger rumble! I will put 60/40 on Pacman!

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