On October 19, his 51-st Birthday celebrates one of the greatest fighter in history, Evander "The Real Deal" Holyfield. But actually, this day could be called as "The Day of the Champions", that many great boxers were born on this day!

Evander Holyfield was born 1962 in Atmore, Alabama, as the youngest of nine. When Evander was 2 years old, family moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where at the age of 12 young Holyfield started his way into the boxing fame. 1983 in Caracas, Venezuela, Holyfield won the silver at PanAmerican Games at light-heavy (81 kg), losing at the finals to the world champion, Pablo Romero of Cuba. The 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles was boycotted by the most of countries of the communist block, and Holyfield was counted as the biggest prospect to the gold medal. He looked very determined in each fight, but at the semi-finals he has messed the bells of the two rings, the one where his fight went on with the near one, and mistakenly throw the knockout punch to his opponent, Kevin Barry of New Zealand after the bell! Holyfield was disqualified and left with the bronze medal!


On the pro-stage Evander started to fight at cruiserweight and very soon, only in his 12 fight, became the WBA champion, in 15 rounds winning Dwight Muhammad Qawi. Later on, Evander won also WBC and IBF belts in this division, beating all the strongest cruisers, including; Henry Tillman, Ossie Ocasio, Carlos De Leon. After stepping up to heavyweight, Holyfield became the undisputed champion of the world on October 25, 1990, knocking in 3-rd round out Tyson's upsetter, James "Buster" Douglas in Vegas. Altogether,  Holyfield has won five championships in two different weight divisions, defending his belts for nine successful times. He is the only fighter in the history of heavyweight, who became the World Champion five times! Even "King of Boxing" Ali reached this success only three times. Amongst the opponents of Holyfield are so many boxing stars, that it is not even necessary to mention them all, he fought against most of biggest names of "the heavyweight golden age" of 80's, 90's and 2000's. That's why Holyfield has earned the nickname "The Real Deal". The last time Evander fought on May, 2011 and his current record is 44(29 KO)-10(2 KO)-2-1. On this autumn Evander Holyfield is 51, but he still in very good shape and despite of his pronouncing of retiring, he has still looking for the offer on some big fight!

Danas Pozniakas was born 1939 in village of Tolczok, near to Bielostok city, Poland. Later on, his family moved to the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius. Pozniakas is considered as the best ever Lithuanian boxer and the first athlete, who won Olympic gold for Lithuania. Danas has four times won Soviet Union nationals at light-heavy (81 Kilo), three times he was European Champion, 1965 in Berlin, 1967 in Rome and 1969 in Bucharest, but in 1968 he became the Olympic Champion in Mexico. In the mid of 1970's he has worked as Seychelles national team head-coach, and managed the boxing club in Vilnius, later on. Danas Pozniakas died from the heart attack in 2005. This year he would celebrate his 74-th Birthday!

Jerzy Kuley was born 1940 in Czestochova, Poland. Two times Kuley became the European Champion, 1963 in Moscow and 1965 in Berlin. Also, he is one of the few two Olympic Gold medal owners, 1964 in Tokyo and 1968 in Mexico. Kuley is considered as one of the greatest amateur light-welterweight (63.5 Kilo) boxers of the world and one of the greatest Poland's athlete. In the beginning of 2000's he was the member of Polish parliament. Then he moved to live to England, but later came back to Warsaw. Jerzy Kuley pasted away on July, 2012. On October 19, he would be 73!

Jorge Luis Gonzalez was born 1964 in Havanna, Cuba. As amateur Gonzalez had 233 fights of which he lost only 13. He was two-time PanAmerican Games winner. 1990 he has travelled to US and settled in Las Vegas, Nevada. 6'7 feet tall, with the good amateur background Jorge Luis becomes the heavyweight prospect. But for the world title he fights only once and unsuccessfully. In 1995 he is knocked out by Riddick Bowe for the WBO belt. His last fight comes at 2002, his final record is 31(27 KO)-8(7 KO). This year Jorge Luis Gonzalez has his 49-th Birthday!

Meldrick Taylor was born 1966 in Philadelphia, Pensylvania. As amateur he had a record of 99-4. Taylor has clearly won 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games at featherweight (57 Kilo). As a pro he has won two WBA and IBF light-welter and welterweight titles. The most notable wins Meldrick had over Howard Davis, Buddy McGirt, Aaron Davis. In 1990 he was very close to be the first who beat the legendary Julio Cesar Chavez. Being in a front on points, Taylor has been questionably stopped by the referee only 10 seconds before the last bell. The final record was 38(20 KO)-8(4 KO)-1. On October 19, Meldrick Taylor is celebrating his 47-th Birthday party!

Ruslan Chagaev was born 1978 in Andijan, Uzbekistan, to Tatar parents. As amateur he was two-time Asian Champion at heavyweight (91 Kilo), and twice represented his country at the Olympic Games, in Atlanta'96 and in Sydney'2000, but has left without a medals. 1997 in Budapest Ruslan became a World Champion, at the finals beating the legendary Cuban, Felix Savon, but later was disqualified, because during the training camp in US, Ruslan had three pro-fights. However, he won the another World Championships 2001 in Belfast, but at super-heavyweight (+91 Kilo). As a pro, Chagaev was the first who has won "The Russian Giant" Nikolay Valuev, taking his WBA belt. But is unlucky again; due to the health problems had to vacated the title. His first loss came in 2009, when he retired after 9-th round against The Ukrainian, Wladimir Klitschko. In 2011, for the vacant WBA belt, he lost again on points to The Russian Alexander Povetkin. Ruslan Chagaev is still active today, his record is 32(20 KO)-2(1 KO)-1. And he is celebrating his 35-th Birthday!

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