Today we remark five great champions. But especially we must underline the legendary George Foreman, who is unique and successful in everything he does on his way.

George Foreman was born 1949 in Marshall, Texas. He left school at 15 and went to California, where has started his great boxing story. At the age of 19, having only 15 amateur fights behind him, George represented US team at the 1968 Mexico Olympics, where he beat all of his four opponents and won the gold at heavyweight (over 81 Kilo). In the final bout Foreman stopped The Soviet fighter, The Lithuanian Yonas Cepulis. Already then, George recommended himself as the devastating puncher. On the pro-ring, Foreman won the world title twice. For the first time in 1973 in Kingston, Jamaica, George took WBA and WBC belts from Joe Frazier. By that time, Joe was only who had great Ali on the floor, so, he was the undisputed leader of heavyweight division. The fight, in which Foreman had floored Joe for six times in two rounds, made the illusion that Big George is unbeatable. In November 30, 1974, the fight called Rumble in the Jungle became, probably, the most observed boxing match ever. Foreman met Muhammad Ali in the capital of Zaire, Kinshasa. Foreman looked stronger for seven rounds, but Ali knocked him out in the 8-th! After the loss to Jimmy Young in 1977, George quit the sport for the first time!

Big George became the preacher and was very popular in Houston, Texas. But 10 years later, in 1987, he stepped back into the ring. Four years later he fought Evander Holyfield for the undisputed heavyweight crown...but lost by the decision. In 1993, he fights Tommy Morrison for the vacant WBO belt...and lost again. On November 5, 1994, George Foreman, at the age of almost 45, became the oldest ever boxing world champion! He knocks Michael Moorer out in 10-th, for the WBA and IBF belts. For the last time George fought in 1997 and retired with the record of 76(68 KO)-5(1 KO), this time for good! Foreman has been considered as one of the biggest punchers in boxing ever!

Now, Foreman became the spokesperson for the special grill-machine, called George Foreman Grill. The grill has resulted in sales over 100 mil. units. In 1999, George sold the right to use his name and totally made on this about 200 000 000 $, which is more than in all his previous boxing carrier! George Foreman really are talented and successful in every action he has engaged to. At January 10, Big George celebrates his 65!

On January 10, steps into his 48, 1988 Seoul Olympics bantamweight (54 Kilo) gold medalist, Kennedy McKinney. On the professionals, McKinney has won twice the IBF and WBO super-bantamweight belts, defending them for five successful times. The most notable fight of Kennedy was the dramatic clash against The Mexican, Marco Antonio Barrera, in 1996. Kennedy McKinney was born January 10, 1966, in Hernando, Mississippi. Today, he is the boxing coach in his native town.

His 41-st Birthday, on January 10, will celebrate the Puerto-Rican Super-Star, Felix Tito Trinidad! Born 1973, in Fajardo, Puerto-Rico, Trinidad is considered as one of the greatest boxers and legendary athletes of his country. Holding the IBF welterweight title for six years and three month, Tito made the championship record of this division. Altogether, Felix has five WBA, WBC and IBF belts in three different weight divisions- welter, light-middle and middle. He had 17 successful defenses of them. Tito retired at 2008, with the record of 42(35 KO)-3(1 KO).

Also, on January 10 is the day of 38-th Birthday for the one of the greatest kickboxers ever, The Dutch Remy Bonjasky. Remy was born 1976 in Paramaribo, Suriname, and when he was 5, the family decided to move to Tilburg, The Netherlands. At the age of 18, Remy came into the kickboxing gym and took up muay-thai. Working as a banker, Bonjasky decides to focused more on the training. Bonjasky has won three K-1 World Grand Prix; in 2003 and 2004, in the finals he won by points The Japanese, Musashi, but in 2008, after the illegal kick in the final against Bonjasky was disqualified Badr Hari of Morocco. For his flying knee attacks Remy got the nickname The Flying Gentleman. Today, Remy owns the kickboxing gym called Bonjasky Academy.

32-years-old, on January 10, became the former IBF light-heavyweight champion of the world, The American Tavoris Cloud. Born in 1982, in Tallahassi, Florida, Cloud won his belt as the vacant in 2009, beating by points The Englishman, Clinton Woods. Tavoris had four successful defences, having wins over such a high-quality fighters as The American Glen Johnson and Gabriel Campillo of Spain. Tavoris Cloud has the record of 24(19 KO)-2(1 KO).

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