On June 30, 1966 was born former WBA, WBC and IBF heavyweight champion of the world Mike Tyson

Michael Gerard Tyson, or Iron Mike later on, was born in Brooklyn, NY. He became the youngest heavyweight world champion in history winning WBC title of Trevor Berbick of Jamaica only in the age of 20 years and 5 month. In summary he has won two world titles in three diferent bodies and defended them for ten successful times. Tyson is recognized as one of the greatest heavyweights and fighters in general of all times. The fighter with the highest moving speed and one of the biggest punching power in heavyweight history. He had record of 50 (44 KO)-6(5 KO), he fought between 1985 and 2005. Despite of his many legal troubles outside the ring, Mike still very famous and beloved all over the world. On June 30 Iron Mike becomes 47 years old!


Many comebacks, Champ!!!

Also at the same day, but in 1943, in then German city of Gleiwitz, nowadays the Polish city of Gliwice, was born the Olympic Champion, Dietter Kottysch. Kottysch triumphed on 1972 Munich Olympics at light-middleweight (71 Kilo), at the semis beating the future professional world champion, The Englishman Alan Minter, but at the finals, in the close fight, winning Wieslav Rudkowski of Poland. On June 30 Kottysch is celebrating his 70-th Anniversary! By the way, Kottysch was knocked out by The Latvian boxer, now the well known coach in Riga, Andrei Dolgov!!!

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