On the night on November 9, in Atlantic City, New Jersey, will take place the title unification bout at light-heavyweight. Three belts will be put on the table- the oldest boxing champion in the history of sport, Bernard Hopkins', 49, WBA and IBF belts and WBO title, which belongs to the 31-year-old Russian, Sergey Kovalev.

The fight of these two is going to be really exciting. On one side we have Bernard Hopkins, who is nicknamed The Alien, because of his ability to keep his physical and psychological conditions at such a (let say) sunset age for the professional ring. Bernard still wise, slick and сrafty. Watching his actions on the ring, you can get the impression that Hopkins hasn't doing anything special at all, but for real, his opponents are under the pressure and tense for all the way. With his boxing style, Bernard makes any fighter, even the most classy ones, looking bad. The gap for Bernard in this fight can become his own age. After three month Hopkins will celebrate his 50, and everything has its limit, especially in boxing! In the last April, Hopkins had the tough one against the quite limited, but young and strong Beibut Shumenov, 30, of Kazakhstan, when Bernard had his hand raised up only by the split decision.

On the other side stands Sergey Kovalev, the strong and determined fighter, who is able to box and also has the punching power. Sergey is the real pressure fighter, who left no chance to his opponents for three-in-a-half years already. In 25 wins 23 came by the way of KO! Kovalev's weakness can be his unexperience in the fights against such a big names as Old Chap Bernie. Of course, Sergey never before saw anyone in the separate corner as great as Hopkins!

PREDICTION: I think, Hopkins will move, clinch and try to cut Kovalev's face, if possible, even with the headbut, "accidential", of course. Bernard has to win the time and last on the ring for all twelve rounds. Then he can make Sergey tired and low his efficiency. Kovalev, on his way, has to keep his concentration and roughness. He can not let Bernard to provoke him into "the dirty games", but has to use his speed and strength. Then Sergey, probably, has the chance to catch Bernard.                                                                                                                                                 Well, I am sure that it will be very difficult for Kovalev have a decision win. Hopkins is the co-promoter of this fight and always brings on the table the fortune from pay-per-view, so.... I think, Sergey needs to knock Bernard out, or else knock him down at least two times, to get the point win. I would bet 50/50!

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