November 3, Halle, Germany. The Bosnian-born champion Marco Huck, 28, defended his WBO cruiserweight title for the 10-th time. But was it well-deserved? Hard to tell, because the crowed was whistling and booing until the last spectator left the building

The challenger, Turkish-born German, Firat Arslan, 42, was 14 years older that the champion, it was very questionable, can he hold the high work rate during the all twelve rounds, and he could! The experienced Arslan, who was the WBA champion for two times himself (beating Virgil Hill in 2007), put the pressure and held it since the beginning till the end of fight. Seemed like Huck was waiting, when his opponent will finally get tired, most of the fight Marco leaned on the ropes and took the unnecessary heavy blows in the close distance. Arslan fully owned the first half of the bout, starting from the 7-th round Huck began to strike the straight counter punches and move little aside , looks like the fight gets even. But by the rounds eleven and twelve, that is the champion, who looks tired. Arslan sticks into his chosen tactics and finished the job well done, two final rounds goes to the challenger....

It seemed like Arslan should be ahead with 1, or even 2 points, but that wasn't what the judges saw. Two Brits, Paul Thomas and Mickey Vann, both gave 115:113 to Huck, the Italian Giustino Di Giovanni saw it 117:111, also to the champion! The crowd seemed and sounded very unhappy, couldn't hear the cheering to the champion, in spite of that that the venues usually are packed with the Huck's fans. Well, can just feel sorry for Firat Arslan, this was, probably, his last chance to receive the champion's belt, he is now 32(21 KO)-6(2 KO)-2. But Marco Huck still ruling the division with 35(25 KO)-2(1 KO)-1.

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