On November 10, in Hamburg, Ukrainian Wladimir Klitschko, 36, very steadily defended his undisputed heavyweight champion title

For the first time in his 16 years long carrier Wladimir met someone, who is really bigger than himself. But, unfortunately, that was the only thing 32-years-old Pole Mariusz Wach could impressed us. Wladimir won every single round, notable that the fight went not only for all twelve rounds, but also there was no knockdowns counted. Wach couldn't land more than 7-8 punches in whole fight. Why? Because, he just doesn't know how to do left-right combination. And its not a joke, everyone who wants to see, can watch it on the video replay. But Polish Viking (Wach's ringname) has demonstrated the big heart and good chin. Wladimir Klitschko on the moment has 34 WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight belts and the record of 59(50 KO)-3(3 KO), but Mariusz Wach experienced his first defeat, he has now 27(15 KO)-1.

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