This Saturday, October 5, in Olympyskiy Sports Center, Moscow, will take place the fight for undisputed heavyweight championship of the world. The fight, which was expected for a long time. The fight between two former Olympic champions and the current World champions. The Ukrainian Wladimir Klitschko will go to defend his three champion belts against the another champion, who will step on the ring for this time as contender, The Russian Alexander Povetkin.

Three belts are going to be putted on the table- WBA Super, IBF and WBO, all three belongs to 37-years-old Klitschko. Povetkin's, 34, WBA regular champion's belt is out of case this time. Both opponents are the highest level amateurs in the past, the winners of the Olympic Games, Klitschko in Atlanta' 96, Povetkin in Athens' 2004. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of both fighters?


Klitschko- the height and the weight, the good eye and the perfect science of reach, the long arms, the big straight right.

Povetkin- the explosion, the various punching combinations, the big heart.


Klitschko- Doesn't feel comfortable being pushed back, like in the fight against Haye. The questionable chin, like in their first fight with Brewster. The visible panic being with the back on the ropes, like with Sanders and also with Haye.

Povetkin- The lack of roughness related to the pro-fighters, like in the fights against Estrada and Chagaev. The problems with the stamina, which could be called by the psychological pressure, like against Boswell and Huck (and this can be the key moment in Moscow). The liability to get into the provoking situations, made by opponent, like against Huck.

THE PREDICTION: Alexander can win only if he will put the pressure on all time and will catch Klitschko with the big one. But the question is; can Sasha get this on the rough way and handle the pressure inside him? Klitschko must be aware of this one lucky punch, has to throw the counter shots and get into the clinch in close. If he gets it on the right mood, Wladimir will stop or cut The Russian Vityaz till the 8-th, maximum, 10-th round! I would put it like 70/30 on Klitschko!

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