In the night on March 2, in Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas, the two-time Olympic Champion, the 26-years-old Ukrainian, Vasyl Lomachenko, will try to make the new record into the history of boxing, having the shortest way to the world crown as the pro-fighter. For Vasyl it is going to be the only second appearance on the pro-ring, and his opponent on this hard test will be Orlando Salido from Mexico.

The current three-time WBO featherweight champion, the 33-years-old Mexican, Orlando Salido, fights as pro already for eighteen years. Of course, the record of Salido is a kind of dingy, he has 12 losses in 55 fights, but the most of those losses came just on the beginning of Salido' s carrier, when he was only 15-16 years old teen. Also, the defeats against the fighters as The Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez, The Cuban Yuriorkis Gamboa and The American Mikey Garcia, are worth of two wins each! So, Salido is very seasoned, experienced and, most of all, the tough opponent! The true Mexican gladiator, which will never ever show even little sense of compromise with his rival!

The contender, Lomachenko, has the huge amateur experience. Because of his hard working, he became the very tough fighter, who can give the hard opposition to the very best pro-fighters already today. Vasyl is comprehensive, schooled and masterful boxer. But is he experienced enough for the long distance!? Especially, when we talk about Salido, who won't come to outbox Lomachenko, but will follow to Vasyl and will try to break him down until the last bell. Also, must to be taken in count that the 12-round distance is not the same as the 3-round, and the referee will not interfere often, as it happen on the Olympics. I want to believe that Vasyl and his Dad and coach, Anatoli, has the game-plan Nr. 2!

PREDICTION: No doubt that Lomachenko will outbox Salido through the two of three parts of the fight, and then, probably, he can get the decision win. But if Vasyl will not cut or knock Salido out at the first half of the fight, then the last four rounds can turn into the real big problem for The Ukrainian. I am sure that this is the game-plan for Salido himself. In any case, the fight should be very intriguing! I would say 50/50!

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