At the early morning of September 15, in Las Vegas, will kick off the fight of the year, which, probably, very soon will be named as the Fight of decade, or even the Fight of Century! On the ring for the undisputed world title and also for the crown of P4P Fighter Nr. 1 will clash the best boxer of the world at least in the last five years, The American Floyd "Money" Mayweather, 36, and the hottest prospect of world of boxing, the 23-years-old Mexican, Saul "Canelo" Alvarez.

Without already mentioned titles, on the table will be putted also the two championship belts- WBA Super and WBC light-middleweight titles. Mayweather, who this time comes as contender, is 1996 Atlanta Olympics bronze medalist. On his 17-years-long way in the pro-game, Floyd has been the world champion for seven times in the five different weight divisions, with the 14 successful defenses behind him. He still unbeaten in 44 fights! The young Alvarez can't really make boast of his amateur carrier, but its only because he turned pro while being only 15. He is the owner of the both belts and has only one draw next to his 42 wins!

THE PREDICTION: This is going to be the fight in which both fighters are strong, fast and exceptionally masterful. The Canelo's trump is his youth and natural physical power. The Floyd's weapon- the experience and exceptional ability to be the untouchable in his defense. About the speed of both, the talking is just out of place. Canelo must to put the pressure on and with the avalanche of punches try to slow Mayweather down in his movements. Mayweather himself, likely, will do the same he does all the time- put the ordinary or combine shots, move and slide, and go into the clinch with Canelo. I think, Alvarez can win only by KO, or knocking Floyd down for couple of times. If the fight will go the distance, more likely Mayweather will get the decision! Anyway, I'll go 60/40 to Floyd!

Another exciting fight will take place on the same bill. The two very motivated and ambitious fighters; WBA Super and WBC light-welterweight champion, 25-years-old American Danny Garcia will try to defend his belts against Lucas Matthysse, 30, of Argentina. The both are very heavy punchers- Garcia has only 26 straight wins, but Matthysse 32 KO's in 34 wins, with the two quite doubtful decision losses. Garcia is strong, but little limited, his biggest shot is the tremendous left hook.  Matthysse is hard punching spinner, who has good stamina, big heart and quite a rich amateur background, which, of course, not the main driver in the pro-game, but can be very useful.

THE PREDICTION: The fight is going to be very exciting. In my opinion, The Argentinian will over-speed Garcia and knock him out, or somewhere and somehow cut badly. But Matthysse has to be aware of Danny's big left hook. I am quite sure that the fight will not go the distance. I put 60/40 on Lucas Matthysse!

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