On the night on September 14, at the famous MGM Grand, Las Vegas, will kick-off the rematch of Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana. The four month are pasted away since their first meeting and this time the P4P fighter Nr. 1 in the world, 37-years-old Mayweather will try to defend his three belts in two different weight divisions- WBA Super and WBC at the welterweight, and WBC title at the light-middle.

Just reminding that the first their bout at May 5 was sort of breathtaking for the all world of boxing. Mayweather, who didn't face such a problems since 2002 (the two fights against Jose Luis Castillo), felt the pure agression and firmness of The Argentinian, Maidana, 30. Two of three judges then gave 4 and 6 points to Floyd, but one saw it as draw, which in my opinion was the right decision. Floyd being in the ring has promised the rematch to Marcos and here they come. So, what can we expect of the fight this time?

THE PREDICTION: I don't think that the tactics will be much more different than at their first meeting. Maidana is just obligated to attack with the doubled power and spinning up the tempo from round to round. I think, mentally he is ready for that, so his stamina will be also. And from Floyd we can, probably, expect more of sharp counterblows. In the first fight Mayweather looked a bit surprised of such an offence and was not counterpunching strong enough.

So, what we have. Mayweather must to move, do not take unnecessary punches even on his defence, sharp counterpunching and counterattacking and clinching and smart holding in the close. Maidana, on his way, must to attacking from the first till the last bell, spinning up and punching heavy, if not always to the head and body then keep to do that to the defence, trying to harm Floyd. And, of course, Marcos can not to lose the concentration not for the second, remembering about Floyd's counterpuch, or else it can make him pay. If the fight will go all the distance, don't think that Maidana's arm will be raised up. Mayweather's being on the boxing throne is feeding engaged ones too well. But the draw can be quite a realistic final. Anyway, Maidana to win this fight must to knock Floyd out, or knock him down, at least two times. Be honest, I will cheer up for Marcos Maidana, but I would bet 60/40 for Mayweather!

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