On May 3, in Las Vegas, his 46-th appearance on the professional ring wil make today's world's P4P boxer Nr. 1, 37-years-old, Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. Now, for almost eighteen years he doesn't know the taste of defeat and, probably, can be called as the all time greatest one. In his next fight Floyd will try to defend his WBA Super and WBC welterweight belts against agressive and hard-edged regular WBA champion, 30-years-old, Marcos "El Chino" Maidana of Argentina.

Be honest, it is even hard to wonder what could Maidana put on the table to surprise Mayweather. The answer is quite simple- not much! But in boxing is nothing that simple and the fights can never be compared. And only because Maidana has lost against the fighters Mayweather would sneer about, doesn't mean that El Chino can't make some problems for Floyd. I don't think that Floyd will fight in some diferent way as usual, most probably he will stick on his best- a lot of feet movement, strikes with the fast ordinary punches and in any closing, trying to clinch with the opponent. Also Maidana will stick on his tactics- coming forward and busy punching. Well, othewise I don't see any other chance for Marcos to beat Mayweather!

PREDICTION: Maidana must attacking Floyd since the first till the last bell (if he can, of course), all the time putting heavy punching on, not only to the head and body, but also on the arms, which can harm Floyd. And, finally, try to land his special half-side/half-over right hook. If Marcos is ready for that then he can tired Mayweather down. The Argentinian must stay busy! Othewise, if Maidana won't be agressive enough (as wasn't Canelo), Floyd will make him miss and will use his hand-speed to frustrate him even more. I would bet 80/20 on Mayweather!

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