On July 6 in Limasol, Cyprus will kick-off another stage of BIGGER'S BETTER 8 man tournament. The winner of the stage in 2010 Latvian heavyweight Mairis Briedis will go to Cyprus to participate in this rumble once more.

In May 2010 Mairis won three fights knocking out two opponents in the first and clearly beating by points Ukrainian Pavel Zhuravlev, who actually will come on the ring in the front of Briedis also this year. So, who will Mairis Briedis face this time in Limasol!?

Pavel Zhuravlev (Ukraine)- 28 years, ringname: "The Caiman", orthodox, height: 187 cm, background: world low-kick and muay-thai champion, professional boxing record: 9 (5 KO)-1

Lee Kellet (England)- 33 years, orthodox, height: 188 cm, background: used to fight in MMA, professional boxing record: 4 (3 KO)-5 (3 KO)-2

Louis Louison (Congo)- height: 188 cm, residence: Larnaca, Cyprus, background: used to fight in kickboxing and MMA, professional boxing record: 1-0

Panagiotis Diakos (Cyprus)- the real name: Panayiotis Diakou, ringname: Diako, orthodox, height: 185 cm, background: 2008 European low-kick champion, professional record: 0-2 (2 KO)

Adrian Lepadatescu (Romania)- height: 194 cm, background: used to fight in kickboxing, professional boxing record: 0-1 (1 KO)

Kamil Malysz (Poland)- height: 189 cm, background: Polish kickboxing champion, pro debut

Robert Teubert (Germany)- height: 188 cm, background: German kickboxing champion, pro debut

We wish Good Luck to Mairis and will watch the show live on Eurosport on Friday night!


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