In the night on March 2, in Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas, the two-time Olympic Champion, the 26-years-old Ukrainian, Vasyl Lomachenko, will try to make the new record into the history of boxing, having the shortest way to the world crown as the pro-fighter. For Vasyl it is going to be the only second appearance on the pro-ring, and his opponent on this hard test will be Orlando Salido from Mexico.

He comes from the family of boxers and excellent coaches, he just had no choice, but to become the champion. But not all days of Floyd's life were the bright ones. Today he still unbeaten on the professional ring for 17 years already, he is considered to be one of the greatest fighters of all time. They often compare him with the ones as Robinson, Ali and Leonard.

His life was full of tragic elements since the beginning. Growing up without a family and being on his own through his childhood, Johnny realized very soon that everything in this world he has to achieve without of extra support. Probably, this burden was with him through his entire life, and that's why after the highness of sport's success and victories he zoomed off into the dark of depression. But despite of this Johnny was often seemed smiling, he was always living on all in, just saying mi vida loca- My Crazy Life!

He is undisputed world's best super-middle. The Olympic Champion as amateur and now one of the best in P4P ranking. Till today he doesn't know the taste of loss and no one of his much respectable opponents had even a chance to beat him. He is The Son Of God!

Does anyone remember, who was the youngest Olympic boxing champion? When does he boxed, who has he won, and how spinned his carrier after Olympics? Jackie Fields wasn't the super-star in this word today's meaning, but he has been very talented and successful fighter through whole his life.

He was fast, strong and well founded. He was out and away the best at the end of 80's and at the beginning of 90's. He has won everything and everyone and could achieve even more, if wasn't past away, so early and so tragically. Roberto Balado was the best super-heavyweight on the amateur ring.

He is one of the brightest figures in the history of boxing. The Olympic Champion, the multiple world champion as pro, businessman, singer, philanthropist, one word, The Golden Boy- Oscar De La Hoya!

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