He is undeserverdly forgotten. Maybe, because of his too short championship period, and the fact that he was the champion just between of two eras of the greatest heavyweight champions- Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano. But no matter what, Jersey Joe Walcott has wrote his name into the history of boxing in bold type, and is comsidered as the one of greatest champions of the heavyweight division.

January 17 is the day could be called The Boxer's Day, so many great boxing personalities were born on this day. But, no doubt, that the most flashing figure of all of them is the man, who often is called The King of Boxing, or simply The Greatest- Muhammad Ali!

On December 23, their Birthdays celebrate four brilliant fighters. Three of them had the great success on the amateur as well as on the professional ring, the one held the world title more than six years. Three of them should leave their countries to achieve the recognition, the one became the national hero on his home land.

Today we remark five great champions. But especially we must underline the legendary George Foreman, who is unique and successful in everything he does on his way.

On December 17 his Birthday is celebrating one of the best fighters of the last decade. Because of his physiological abilities, boxing talent and personal qualities he does not only granted his name into the boxing history, but also became the ambassador of his country all around the world. And also, two more great fighters are celebrating their days today.

Our year is starting with The Birthdays of the seven great fighters from The States and The East-European countries. January 2, was the day when were born the champions of the amateur and the professional boxing, each of them wrote his name in the history of Boxing!

At the last week two huge losses came over South Africa. On December 5 pasted away the legendary President, Nelson Mandela, but just two days later died also the one of the greatest boxers and athletes of the country, Baby Jake Matlala.

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