At the early 80's of the last Century, Yagubkin was into the pole position of the newly created division- the heavyweight (91 Kilo). He beat each opponent and won every tournament. Even today Yagubkin is the most awarded amateur boxer at this weight division in Europe and one of the best in the world.

Alexander Yagubkin was born March 25, 1961, in Donetsk, Ukrainian SSR. In the ring Yagubkin was notable for his distinction of the distance, the perfect feet movement and the lightning fast and strong left/right combination. Four times Alexander won the USSR Nationals, twice he conquered World Cup, three times he became the European Champion, but in 1982 he won World Championships in Munich. The only peak that Yagubkin doesn't reach was the Olympics, because of unlucky concourse of circumstances he never got on any. Probably, the only two-time Olympic Champion Vassili Lomachenko today has received more awards and gold medals on the amateur ring than Yagubkin, amongst all Ukrainian boxers.

Many times Alexander was invited to turn pro by the world's biggest promoters, at the time when the Soviet athletes couldn't even dream about it. But Yagubkin always still his hometown Donetsk big time patriot, he couldn't even imagine to leave his town for good, so he always refused. In the last March Alexander celebrated his 52-nd Birthday. On August 7, Champion's heart died within him...


Our condolence to the great fighter's family!

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