O'Neil Bell, the second "undisputed" cruiserweight champion in boxing's history after the great Evander Holyfield, was killed on November 25 morning robbery in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 2011, Bell finished with a record of 27-4-1 (25 KOs) and won the vacant IBF cruiserweight title in 2005 over Canada's Dale Brown. After one successful defense, Bell then KO'd Jean-Marc Mormeck of France, to become the WBA and WBC cruiserweight champion.

On November 25, 2015, Bell was murdered in Atlanta, Georgia, a robbery attempt after getting off a bus on Harbin Road. Four robbers emerging from a stolen PT cruiser. After a confrontation with his assailants, Bell was stabbed, shot in the chest and killed. On December 29, O'Neal Bell would reach only his 41!

Sadly, this is the 2nd time a former boxing champion was killed in Atlanta. In 2009, ex-welterweight and super welterweight champ Vernon Forrest, who was best known for his two wins over Shane Mosley, was robbed at gunpoint and murdered at a gas station. The three men responsible for Forrest's death were all convicted for their role in the murder, with two sentenced to life in prison and the actual shooter currently is on death row.

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