On September 8, after the heart attack, unexpectedly early passed away 2005 World amateur vice-champion and one of the most talented heavyweights of the last decade on the amateur ring, Roman Romanchuk.

Roman was born on June 3, 1979, in Striy, Lviv District, Ukraine. He began practising kickboxing of age of 11, and very soon has showed up his talent in the fighting sport. At the age of 21, in 2000, he moved to Moscow, where he continued his kickboxing carrier. During the next year he has won European and World titles. He has also tried himself in boxing and won Moscow Open in 2001, where he was noticed by the experts and invited to Russian National Squad. Being the tall and slim southpaw, Roman has very good feet movement, timing and punching power. Very soon Romanchuk became the heavyweight.

Roman twice has won at Russian Nationals, in 2005, being the member of National Squad, he has won World Cup for Teams. At the same year, in China, he is the runner-up of World Championships, in the semi-finals beating the future Olympic Champion, The Italian Roberto Cammarelle, but in the finals, in very close decision, losing to then-current Olympic Champion, Odlanier Solis of Cuba. In 2006, in Bulgaria, Roman was the runner-up of the European Championships. At the beginning of 2008, at the Moscow Open, Romanchuk knocks out Rakhim Chakhkiev and line himself into the National Team to the Olympics. But unfortunately, Olympics were not Roman's destiny. The gold in Beijing was won by the Romanchuk's knockouted Rakhim Chakhkiev.

On July 28, 2008 he was arrested by the police in Vladivostok, Russia for shooting a man in the eye in a drunken fight. According to the judge, the victim, a 22-year-old Oleg Meshkov attacked Romanchuk, but Romanchuk went beyond self-defense when he took the Osa non-lethal pistol from Meshkov, shot him in the face and punched and kicked him in the head. Roman was sentenced to one year and two month in prison.

Being relieved from the prison, Romanchuk has planned to return to the ring, but the wounding got during the shooting (Roman was shoot in the head), didn't let it happen. "I have died as a boxer!", admitted Roman. On September 8, 2016, Roman Romanchuk's heart has standsteal. He was only 37!

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