On September 1, at the age 44, has past away former WBO heavyweight champion of the world, Tommy "The Duke" Morrison.

Tommy Morrison became famous even before his world title winning. His close friend, Silvestre Stallone, invited him to play the role in the famous Rocky V, in which Tommy acted as Rocky's student and the opponent later on. The role of Rocky was played by Stallone himself, as we know. On the real ring Morrison had 28 straight wins, before he suffered his first loss in 1991, against the former Olympic Champion, Ray Mercer, for the WBO belt. In 1993, Tommy won the vacant WBO crown, beating by points the legendary George Foreman. Defending the title once, Tommy lost it to Michael Bentt, by the KO in the 1-st. In 1995, Morrison lost to Lennox Lewis, by TKO in the 6-th round. After that he was tested positive to HIV, and was suspended from the boxing license.

11 years later Morrison comes with the public announcement that the previous HIV test was mistaken and that he has no virus. Documentary this fact wasn't recorded. Tommy had three more fights (the latest one in 2008) and finishes with the record of 48(42 KO)-3(3 KO)-1. On these year's January 2 Tommy Morrison became 44-years-old. On September 1, in the hospital of Phoenix, Arizona, The Duke pasted away. The official cause of death- the breathing and metabolic acidosis.

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