June 16 at Majori Sport Complex in Jurmala first ever went the boxing duals amongst Latvian and Irish national teams, also on the ring step on Latvia's today's best professional fighter Mairis Briedis, at cruiserweight division. The results of the show were;


At the warm-up fight two local fighters fought each other at the light-welterweight. Genadijs Merkulovs and Nikita Farions started very fast, but already in the second round the fight looked more than wrestling contest, because both guys from their clinch went down to the cover of the ring for number of times. Finally, the winner was pronounced- Genadijs Merkulovs, who actually was also little heavier between both.

Featherweight division (56 Kilo)

The duals started with two the most experienced fighters of the both teams. The fight amongst Dmitrijs Gutmans and Danny Coughlan reminded real pro-fight, both fighters fought in the middle of the ring  most of the fight putting powerful hooks and uppercuts into each other. Was very hard to figure out the best man, but judges saw that as split decision in the favor of Dmitrijs Gutmans.

Lightweight division (60 Kilo)

Artjoms Ramlavs since the beginning putted a lot of pressure on Sean McComb, and this is quite reasonable, Irish fighter was a lot of higher and long-handed. The slip-and-slide moves, many body shots and pressure paid back to Ramlavs- unanimous win!

Light-welterweight division (64 Kilo)

Very impressive win for another Latvian fighter Arturs Ahmetovs. He took the center of the ring since the first bell and pressing his opponent- Stephen Carroll- back Arturs went strongly to the Carroll's liver. Three times Stephen goes down from the body shots in the first, but survived the bell, at the second round another knockdown and now it's over, referee stopped the contest.

Middleweight division (75 Kilo)

Only home fighter, Ruslans Kirijs from Jurmala fought against Conor Coyle, tall and good on his feets Irish fighter. The fight was hard and interesting, but Conor's bigger experience was the key to his win. The Irish fighter was skillful and clever, Ruslans doesn't put enough presser and agression into his action. The first win for Ireland.

Light-heavyweight division (81 Kilo)

Very intriguing contest between two good fighters. From the beginning Eamonn Walsh started to put pressure on Nikita Versockis, but Latvian fighter used his long arms and the diversity of the punches. At the end of the fight the Irish boxer was the one who are pressed back. Another win for Latvians!

Heavyweight division (91 Kilo)

Two youth age fighters, 18 years old Ralfs Vilcans and 17 years old Stephen Stokes. Ralfs, as usualy, started confident, but little slow, punches are flowing out only at the end of the round. In the close distance could feel the more phisical strenght of the Latvian boy. In the second Vilcans are very determined, he keeps steping down his opponent and his combinations are more often and dangerous. After the bell Irish seconds are taking their boxer out, looks like Stokes got also his nose damaged.

Super-heavyweight division (+91 Kilo)

Nikita Maculevics was sick for two weeks before the fight, maybe it was the reason of his sluggishness, maybe it was the matter of bigger experience of Niall Kennedy, who is 25 Nikita's 19. Kennedy looked faster and tried to putted more punches together, especially  it looked nice when the fighters were in the close. The referees made the fight as the draw, I, personally, thought that Irish boxer was little better.... But fight was still good!


Professional bout at the cruiserweight division (90.7 Kilo)

Hungarian Joszef Nagy, 37, was 200 gramms heavier than Mairis Briedis at the official weigh-in, but at the ring Mairis really looked twice bigger than his more experienced opponent. Nagy is 1996 Atlanta's Olimpian, WBA and IBF middleweight International champion, but looked like his best times were in the 3 divisions lighter weight. Joszef doesn't come to give-up the fight, he jumped on Mairis and tried to score big punch since the first bell, but Mairis was just quicker and also naturally stronger. The referee opened the count three times in the first, which two of whom, I thought, wasn't there. After the third the referee wanted to stop the contest, but shortly after changed his mind and let to continue. At the second minute of the second round another combination of Briedis finished with big right cross, Nagy is down and this time it's for real, you could see that in his eyes. The referee stopped the bout and Mairis Briedis goes to 10 (8 KO)-1.



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