It just so happened, that September 22 is the birthday for number of great athletes of the ring- three Olympic champions and one pro-world champion!

Felix Savon was born 1967, San Vicente, Guantanamo Province, Cuba. He started to box at the age of 13. His first big succes came in 1985, when he became Junior World champion. In 1987 Felix won Panamerican Games in Indianapolis. In summary, Savon won 14 Cuban Nationals, 3 times he was Panamerican Games winner, 6-time World champion (in 1999 in Houston he reached the final, but because of Cuban national team boycott, Felix didn't turn up on the fight), and as one of three boxers ever Savon had three Olympic golds- Barcelona'92, Atlanta'96 and Sydney'2000! Cuba also boycotted the Olympics in Seoul'88, when Felix already was the world champion, so very probably, that he could become the only 4-time Olympic gold medallist! Savon boxed at heavyweight (91 Kilo) division and had record of 362-21, he had never turn pro, but as amateur he beat many future professional world champions. Felix Savon is decided as one of the greatest amateur boxers ever and the national hero in Cuba. Today he is 45!

Look for the interview with great Savon in our "INTERVIEWS"

Norvel Lee was born 1924, Eaglerock, Virginia. He was the US national team heavyweight (over 81 Kilo) boxer and went to 1952 Helsinki Olympics as the reserve heavyweight. But just two days before the beginning of the tournament team's light-heavyweight (81 Kilo) boxer got ill, so Norvel took the offer of the coaches to participate at this division, he lost about 12 pounds of the weight just 2 days before the fights! Anyway, Lee beats all his four opponents by the unanimous decision, becomes the Olympic champion and recieves Val Barker's Trophy as the best Olympic tournament boxer! He never turned pro. Norvel Lee died August 19, 1992 in Bethesda, Maryland, just before his 68 birthday, today he would be 88!

Marian Kasprzyk was born 1939 in Kielce, Poland. He represented 1960's Polish boxing dream-team on three Olympics. 1960 in Rome he won the bronze at light-welterweight (63.5 Kilo), in the quartefinals beating Melbourn's Olympic gold medallist, Armenian Wladimir Yengibaryan. In semi-finals Marian could not box, because of heavy hand injury. 1964 in Tokyo Kasprzyk becomes the Olympic champion at welterweight (67 Kilo), in the final beating 3-time European champ, Lithuanian Richardas Tamulis. 1968 in Mexico, Marian fights at light-middleweight (71 Kilo), but was illuminated in the first round. Today, Marian Kasprzyk celebrates his 73-rd Birthday!

Ingemar Johansson was born 1932 in Gothenburg, Sweden. He represented his country on the Olympics of 1952 in Helsinki. Being 19-in-a-half, Ingemar reached the finals, but because of his unexperience he was disqualified for the inactivity, against phisically strong American, Eddie Sanders. The same year Johansson turned pro, in 1956 he won the European title, but real succes came to him in 1959, when in NY he knocked out Floyd Patterson in 3-rd, and became World Heavyweight champion! One year later, in their rematch, Johansson got knocked out in the 5-th, but 1961 in Florida, in their third and final meeting, Patterson wons again by KO in 6-th. Ingemar Johansson is decided as the greatest Swedish boxer ever! He died January 30, 2009, at the age of 76. Today he would be 80!

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