On this year's September 10, their Anniversaries are celebrating two the exceptional craftsmans of the ring. These two famous kickboxers and MMA fighters earned their glory not only on the ring, but also on the screens.

Donald Glen Wilson, better known to the world as Don The Dragon Wilson, is born 1954 in Cocoa Beach, Florida, to The American father and The Japanees mother. As teenager, Don is practising karate and kung-fu, but later on seeking to be recognized as famous fighter, he switched to quite a new, but already, in 70's, popular in America fighting art- kickboxing. As the professional fighter Wilson has won 11 world titles in diferent kickboxing governing bodies, at the middle, light-heavy and cruiserweight. His kickboxer's record is 72(47 KO)-5-2. In the ring, Don has fought against such a notable opponents as Dennis Alexio, Branko Cikatic, Marek Piotrowski and Kash Gill. Wilson is considered as one of the greatest kickboxers in the history of sport.

While fighting on the ring, Wilson was invited to try himself at the movies. Don has played the roles at 45 Hollywood's action pictures. His main role was at the sequels Bloodfist, which became as cult film. Wilson also took the part in the famous Hollywood pictures as Batman Forever and Walker: Texas Ranger. Wilson is, probably, the only real fighter, who was filmed in hollywood motion pictures. On September 10, Don The Dragon Wilson has his 60-th Anniversary!


Also, on September 10, but in 1974, in the village of Privlaka, which is on the very East of Croatia, was born one of the greatest K-1 kickboxer and MMA fighter, Mirko Filipovic. As the little kid, Mirko started to practising in taekwon-do, then he switched on kickboxing, but while doing his Army service, he also learned the classical boxing. Filipovic has won three Croatian boxing Nationals at the super-heavyweight. Being the member of the national team, he has participated on the few European and World Championships, where he has fought against a number of the world class fighters. Being in Army, Mirko has joyned The Croatian Police Special Anti-Terrorist Unit, there from comes his nickname- CroCop, or Croatian Cop.

Filipovic's debut on the professional K-1 scene comes in 1996, in Japan, where he beat the famous Frenchman, Jerome Le Banner. Mirko has fought against almost every the best fighter on K-1. In 2012, he won K-1 World's Gran-Prix. Since 2001, CroCop also fights in MMA, where he is one of the leading fighters till today. One of his the most notable fights was in 2005, in Japan, where in the very tough fight he lost on points to the great Russian fighter, Fedor Emelianenko. Mirko CroCop is the only fighter, who has won K-1 and PRIDE world championships and the one of two, who has won K-1 and MMA World Championships, along with The Dutchman, Alistair Overeem. On September 10, Mirko CroCop has his 40-th Birthday Anniversary!

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