On August 30 were born a few significant figures in world of boxing. One of those figures is the outstanding coach, who helped to make the names of Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard for the world as we know them today.

The legendary coach Angelo Dundee was born at August 30, 1921, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with the name of Angelo Mirena. Dundee was never a great fighter himself, he learned many of the strategies of a boxer's cornerman while acting as a "bucket man" to the great trainers. Later on, Angelo with his brother Chris moved to Florida, where they opened their own gym- Fifth Street Gym, here Angelo brought up his first champions.

The first Dundee's world champion, in 1955, was Carmen Basilio, who won the World title at welterweight. In 1960, Angelo signed up with the just turned pro Olympic Champion, Cassius Clay, today known as Muhammad Ali. They worked together during the whole Ali's carrier, for 21 year, Dundee was in the corner in 59 of Muhammad's 61 fights. In fact, these two made each other as the living legends. In 1977, Angelo saw the potential of the future super-star of another Olympic Champion, Sugar Ray Leonard. And he wasn't wrong. Today, Leonard is considered as one of the greatest fighters in the history of boxing. Dundee called him as "a smaller version of Ali". Angelo acted as cornerman for Leonard in many of his biggest fights. He also worked with 15 other world boxing champions, including Jimmy Ellis and George Foreman, The Cuban sensation Jose Napoles and The Puert-Rican "golden boy" Wilfredo Gomez.

Angelo Dundee is the member of Boxing Hall of Fame, all around the world he is considered as one of the most outstanding trainers in professional boxing. On January 17, 2012, Angelo has visited his long-term fighter Ali on his 70-th Birthday party, it was also like trainer's farewell with his boxer. Exactly two weeks later, on February 1, Angelo Dundee pasted away. He was 90!


Born also at August 30:


In 1946, in Shikhobylovo village, Chuvash ASSR, Soviet Union, was born the 1968 Mexico Olympic Champion, Valerian Sokolov. Sokolov started to box at the age of 16 and only six years later has triumphed in Mexico, at bantamweight (54 Kilo). He had the record of 196-20. Sokolov is the resigned colonel of the Soviet Army. For the long time he has lived in Cheboksary, where in his name was named the street and the Sport School for youth. Now, Valerian lives in Moscow and is one of the coaches of Russian national team. This year Valerian Sokolov is 68!


The two-time WBA and IBF super-featherweight champion Brian Mitchell was born 1961 in Johannesburg, SAR. His first belt Mitchell captured in 1986, beating by TKO in 10-th Alfredo Layne of Panama. After the twelve successful defenses, Mitchell vacated his titles and retired as undefeated champion. Today, Mitchell is one of the best boxing coaches in South Africa. Many considered Brian Mitchell as one of the greatest South-African boxers ever. Today he becomes 53!


In 1966, in Kant, Kyrgyzstan, was born the countrie's greatest boxer, the world champion, Orzubek Nazarov. As amateur, Nazarov won 1986 Goodwill Games in Moscow and 1987 European Championships in Turin, at lightweight (60 Kilo). After, as one of the first Soviet boxers he has turned pro in Japan. In 1993, in South Africa, beating by points Dingaan Thobela, Orzubek captured WBA lightweight belt. He had six successful defenses, before he lost the title in Paris to The Frenchman, Jean-Baptist Mendy, in 1998. It was Nazarov's the first and the only loss. His record is 26(19 KO)-1. Today, Orzubek Nazarov is the member of Parlament of Kyrgystan. This year he becomes 48-years-old!


In 1971, in Stavanger, Norway, was born Ole Klemetsen, nicknamed The Golden Viking. Ole has won the bronze medals at the 1991 European and World Championships, at light-middleweight (71 Kilo). On the professional ring, Klemetsen has captured the European belt in 1997, but one year later he fought for the IBF light-heavyweight title, but lost by the decision to The American, Reggie Johnson. Klemetsen has retired in 2001, with the record of 45(36 KO)-6(4 KO). This year The Golden Viking is celebrating his 43-rd Birthday!




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