October 18.-21., in Finland's Tampere went on 33-rd International Boxing Tournament Tammer Cup, which collected this year 96 boxers from 18 countries of Europe, Africa and Asia. Amongst the competitors were many continental, World and Olympic tournament's medallists. Tha Latvian Team were represented by five boxers.

Lightweight (69 Kilo); Artjoms Ramlavs (Sydney 2000 BK, Riga)

The most experienced fighter of our team fought against Joe Cordina from Wales. Probably, the tense earned in two days without a fights doesn't let Ramlavs to put into action all his potential. The Welshman fought his second fight and looked fresh and fast. The fight was very close, but could feel the lack of activity from Ramlavs, he waited too long before put his combinations together. 5:11

Light-welterweight (64 Kilo); Arturs Ahmetovs (Sydney 2000 BK, Riga)

Very good start from Arturs, he clearly beats Lewis Benson of Scotland. The Latvian was more active, faster and aggressive- 16:8.

In the quarterfinals Ahmetovs fights against experienced Zack Davies from Wales. The fight is close, in the final round more active is Ahmetovs, Davies fights from the defence using the counter-punches. Maybe, that's why he is in the front by points- 10:19. To be honest, the judge's sympathies to the British and Irish boxers were quite evident!

Welterweight (69 Kilo); Vladislavs Jaskuls (Sydney 2000 BK, Riga)

Vladislavs started very good, fast and aggressive, he used his hight and long arms against Stewart Burt of Scotland. But by the end of the second round Jaskul's stamina started to betray him. He got tired and more often started to move backwards, giving away his iniciative. The common vision of the fight wasn't bad as result of 13:20, but loss still loss!

Heavyweight (91 Kilo); Ralfs Vilcans (Fighter Elvis Promotion)

Ralfs is only 18 and on this tournament he went to continue his preparation process to the World Youth Championships, which will go on November-December. Instead, his opponent 25-years-old Michal Olas of Poland is a half-profesional fighter, who fights out in WSB league team in Milan, physically strong and well-formed athlete. But Vilcans came out very confident and gave a good fight to the over-confident Pole. The judges were inspired by Olas' strong stature and physical power, they gave 8:16 to the Pole, but besides that Vilcans clearly won the last round.

Super-heavyweight (+91 Kilo); Martins Gavars (BK Madara, Jelgava)

Martins begins strong, tries to reach 6'6 feet tall and 108 Kilo heavy Joe Joyce of England, but the Englishman's size and strength is just too much for Gavars. After the big right Joyce's uppercuts the referee opens two counts and stops the fight by RSC.

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