The life of Vyacheslav Lemeshev was full of tragic. Becoming the youngest boxing Olympic Champion of The Soviets only being 20, he was sick and unhealthy already at his 28, and finally pasted away at 43. He was like a shooting star, flying through the heaven of amateur boxing and disappearing in the dark.

Vyacheslav Lemeshev was born on April 3, 1952, in Moscow. He was the youngest of three brothers, two eldest ones also were the boxers. As the fighter Lemeshev was very attractive to the crowd, even being at his youth he recommended himself as strong counterattack puncher, and it was nice to see him on the ring. Lemeshev won two consecutive Junior European Championships in 1970 and 1972, being awarded as the tournament's best fighter both times. Strange enough, but Vyacheslav always fought much worse at the local tournaments or nationals. People, who knew him personally explained that it was the result of Lemeshev's lack of discipline and hard working.

At the Munich Olympics in 1972, 20-years-old Lemeshev stopped four of his five opponents at middleweight (75 Kilo). At the semi-finals he stopped The American, Marvin Johnson, the future world champion amongst the professionals, in the 2-nd round. At the final Vyacheslav knocks out Reima Virtanen of Finland, in the 1-st. Later on Lemeshev twice captured the European Championships, 1973 in Beograd and 1975 in Katowice.

Already being the member of youth Soviet National Team, the coaches discovered the phenomenal reaction and the speed in Vyacheslav. The tests showed that no other fighters of the team had such a response on the ring. Thanks to this ability, Lemeshev became such a masterful knockout puncher. When Lemeshev has been asked about how does he knows the right moment to throw the punch, he always answered that he doesn't know, he just feels it!

But the lack of discipline and playboy's lifestyle very soon showed up at the training process. Also, Vyacheslav was attracted by the nightlife and keen on alcohol, which became as addiction later on. Often being out of the shape, Lemeshev becomes heavier and slower, he receives the heavy punches, which led to the bad knockouts in the fights and also at the sparings. The biggest upset for Vyacheslav came when he wasn't included into the National squad for 1976 Olympics in Montreal. He was only 24, but hardly could reach any success on the local or international level. Now, Vyacheslav more often was seen in the different bars and restaurants than into the gym. Finally, he quit the boxing.

Vyacheslav has changed many different jobs, mostly working as menial worker. He felt down into the heavy drinking, which led to the numerous problems with the health. In 1995, he suffers the surgery of cephalotrypesis. The youngest ever Soviet Union's Olympic boxing champion died on January 27, 1996. He was almost 44. On this year's April 3, Vyacheslav Lemeshev could celebrate his 62-nd Birthday!




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