A teenage boxer has been banned for life after a vicious attack on a referee who stopped his fight on 2014 Youth European Championships in Zagreb, Croatia.

It happened during the round of 1/8 of at light-heavyweight (81 Kilo) bout in Zagreb between the homefighter, Vido Loncar and Algirdas Baniulis from Lithuania. The 18-year-old initially returned to his corner calmly after the referee, Mr Macej Dziurgota of Poland, deemed his Lithuanian opponent to be the winner by TKO, after three knockdowns in round 2. Unfortunately, on the video we can't clearly see, was Loncar in the condition to continue, and was it really neccessary to open three counts. Seconds later Loncar floored the referee with a punch to the head before unleashing several further blows. Loncar was dragged out of the ring by his ankles and according to his federation was arrested. The referee remains in hospital. Strange enough was the winner Baniulis' behavior. He jumped out of the ring and run away. Of course, the young athlete could be confused in such an extraordinary situation, but I am sure, he should behave in much different manner, at least because the harmed one was the referee, who just presented him the victory!

The Croatian Boxing Federation apologised for the "brutal" attack and said Loncar would not fight again. But Croatian boxing director, the former European Champion and WBC heavyweight contender Zeljko Mavrovic said: "I believe that he is not a butcher or as bad as this act makes him look. This was part of his excessive ambition in that moment."

Anyway, the ban on the amateurs doesn't mean that the fighter can not to turn pro, and if Loncar will decide so then there is a chance that he can be a good ticket seller, at least on his couple of first fights. Footage of the incident has been viewed more than 200,000 times on YouTube in only 24 hours.

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