Does anyone remember, who was the youngest Olympic boxing champion? When does he boxed, who has he won, and how spinned his carrier after Olympics? Jackie Fields wasn't the super-star in this word today's meaning, but he has been very talented and successful fighter through whole his life.

Jackie Fields, or Jacob Finkelstein, was born on February 9, 1908, in Chicago, Illinois. When Jacob was 12, his family moved to Los Angeles, California, because the southern climat was necessary for father, who was ill with tuberculosis. Here, in LA, the next champion made his first steps into the boxing ring. In 1924, Finkelstein, who by that time already took his ring name Jackie Fields, with the US Olympic team goes to Olympics to Paris, as one of three candidates into featherweight (57 Kilo) division. The illumination fights took the place on the Atlantic Ocean crossing ship. Jackie beat both his rivals and granted the place in the team. In Paris, Fields won all his five fights, in the finals once again beating his teammate Joe Salas, and received the gold medal. With this success, Jackie Fields became the youngest ever Olympic boxing champion at the age only of 16! His record still unbeaten today and looks like it will stay forever, because the modern rules of amateur boxing allowed to adult tournaments only fighters not younger than 18!

In 1925, Fields turned to pro. Jackie was two-time World and NBA (National Boxing Association) champion at welterweight. Fields retired in 1933, with the record of 72(31 KO)-9(1 KO)-2. During his carrier Jackie earned approximately half-a-million dollars, which in nowadays could be about ten times more, all this fortune he invested in the real estate. But The Great Depression of 30's wiped him out financially. Despite of this fact, Fields managed to get back his financial steadiness in the 50's, and was the part owner of Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas till the end of his life. Also, Fields stayed into the boxing as coach and the Vice Chairman of Nevada State Athletic Commission. The youngest Olympic boxing champion died in 1987, at the age of 79. On February 9, Jackie Fields would celebrate his 106-th Birthday!

One of the many of Mexican great fighters Alfonso Zamora was born on February 9, 1954, in Mexico City. In 1972, 18-years-old Zamora was the runner-up in Munich Olympic Games, at bantamweight (54 Kilo). In the finals he lost to the experienced Cuban, Orlando Martinez. In 1975, Zamora won the WBA bantamweight belt, defending it later on for five successful times. During the one of these defendings, Alfonso knocked out the future super-champion, The Panamian Eusebio Pedroza. But the most notable fight of Zamora was the meeting in 1975-th against the another Mexican star, Carlos Zarate, who by that time was unbeaten in 45 fights. Zamora himself won all his 29 fights by the way of KO. Unluckily, this time Alfonso got beat in the round 4. Zamora finished his carrier in 1980, with the record of 33(32 KO)-5(4 KO), and is considered as one of the most powerful punchers at bantamweight. On February 9, Alfonso Zamora has his Big Birthday- 60!!!

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