On October 26 were born three heavyweight champions and also the first ever female Olympic boxing champion

Jack Sharkey, the real name Joseph Zukauskas, was born 1902 in Binghampton, NY, in the family of Lithuanian immigrants. In the teenage age he moved to Boston, Massachussetts, where Joseph was introduced to boxing. Becoming the pro-fighter, Zukauskas took his ringname mixing the names of two his boxing idols, Jack Dempsey and Tom Sharkey. In 1927, in New York, Sharkey met in the ring against of one of his idols, Jack Dempsey. Sharkey was younger and slicker boxer than Dempsey, he was clearly winning for first six rounds. In the 7-th, Sharkey turned to the referee to complain about some illegal Dempsey's actions, which were ignored by the referee. Sharkey was looking on referee with his arms down, Dempsey used up his chance and knocked Sharkey out with the big left hook. In 1930, Jack met The German, Max Schmeling, for the vacant NYSAC and NBA heavyweight titles...and was disqualified for the low blow in round 4. In 1932, both met again in the rematch, Sharkey won the titles with the fifteen round decision, but the most of boxing observers called the judges decision as very questionable. One year later, Sharkey lost his belts to The Italian giant, Primo Carnera, by KO in 6-th. After that Jack's carrier starts to fall down. In 1936, Sharkey fought for the last time, against the legendary Joe Louis. Louis was 12 years younger and easily knocked Sharkey out in the 3-rd round. Jack retired with the record of 37(13 KO)-13(4 KO)-3. Because of his mental power and braveness, Jack Sharkey is considered as one of the notable heavyweights in history of boxing. After his boxing carrier Sharkey became the celebrity person in the United States, he also owned the bar and the shop. Jack Sharkey died on August, 1994, at the age of almost 92. This year he would celebrate his 111-th Birthday!

Primo Carnera was born 1906 in Sequals, then Province of Udine, nowadays Province of Pordenone, on the north of Italy. He was nicknamed as Ambling Alp, because of his large statue, 6'6 feet of height and 125 Kilos of weight. Carnera was the biggest boxing world champion until 2005, when his record was succeed by The Russian, Nikolay Valuev. The most of his carrier Carnera spent in the United States and there is belief that Primo was owned by The Italian Mafia, which controlled professional boxing in the States in 20's and 30's. Some believe that Carnera's carrier was manipulated by the underworld figures by fixing his fights to give Primo the shot for the world heavyweight title. Few of Carnera's opponents gave the evidence that they were paid to lost before the last bell, some of the Primo's fights were with the unquestionable bad decisions. Carnera won three NYSAC, NBA and IBU World Championship belts and the one European title. He became the world champion in 1933, knocking out in 6-th Jack Sharkey, and lost all his belts in 1934, by TKO in 11-th to Max Baer. His record was 88(72 KO)-14(5 KO). Finishing his carrier, Carnera with his family moved to Los Angeles, where he became a citizen of the United States and opened his own restaurant. In 1967, Primo Carnera returns to his hometown in Italy, where dies on June 29, nearly 61 years old. , On this year's October 26, Ambling Alp would celebrate his 107-th Birthday!

Audley Harrison was born 1971 in London. 6'7 feet tall and about 118 Kilos heavy, he has sensationally won 2000 Sydney Olympics, on the route to the gold medal beating the world champion, The Russian Alexei Lezin and the world's vice-champion, Muchtarkhan Dildabekov of Kazakhstan. In the professionals, Harrison became European Champion in 2010, and at the same year fought for the WBA belt, but in 3-rd round lost to the another Englishman, David Haye. After the loss on October, 2012, Audley Harrison proclaimed about his retirement. Audley has the record of 28(21 KO)-6(3 KO). This year Audley Harrison is celebrating his 42-nd Birthday Party!

Nicola Adams was born 1982 in Leeds, England. On August 9, 2012, she became the first ever female Olympic boxing Champion in London, at flyweight (51 Kilo). At the finals Nicola beats Ren Cancan from China, who she had lost a few times at the World Championships finals. On October 26, Nicola Adams turns at hers 31!

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